Yoga and Daily life

January 4, 2019 Uncategorized

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If anyone asks me what shaped me the most in 2017, then I can answer with “Yoga!” Without much thought. Of course, I’ve also done a yoga class every now and then, but not at all in the form and extent that I’ve been doing since last year. I can not say exactly what made me to roll out my yoga mat almost every day and spend 30 minutes just working with me and my mat. Was it the separation, was it the stress in the job or just the love for the cause itself? Maybe a combination of everything …

In the meantime, it is true that I feel physically as well as mentally if, for some reason, I am unable to complete my yoga session in the morning. I am tired, irritable and at the same time my body feels stiffer somehow. The 30 minutes in the morning really make a crazy difference: the whole body is stretched, the muscles are activated, the head comes to rest, thoughts are sorted and the day starts off completely relaxed and at the same time fully activated. At home I make my favorite playlist with rather unconventional yoga songs and do different exercises, which can best be described as “power yoga”. Even though I like doing breathing exercises, meditation sessions and so on in yoga studios from time to time, in the morning and for myself, I do not really have the urge to do it. I vary the exercises, hold and / or repeat them more times, depending on what feels good to me and how my body reacts.

Only with additional units that I do either in yoga classes with a teacher or alone, I try to integrate new exercises or advanced versions. For example, I never practice the headstand, handstand, and bridge in the morning, knowing that I would be frustrated if I did not progress, and did not have enough time to really focus on the individual exercises. In the afternoons or evenings, I sometimes spend hours concentrating on just one exercise and working on it: stretching, building strength and balance.

In addition to the typical locations for yoga I love to do yoga in special places. On vacation at sunset on the beach, on the rooftop terrace of my hotel in a foreign city or just at my favorite places in Munich. Get up early in the morning to start the day with sun salutations at the Garden during the sunrise? Absolutely! Grab your best friend to work hand-held live.
As I type these lines, I realize how big the impact of actually just a few “simple” exercises on my life is.. I think I found “my” sport for the time being: A sport that makes me so extremely happy, happy, stronger and more self-confident. I think it’s great that I really can combine them with all other sports (currently I still run regularly and make high intensity units like boxes), practice anywhere and vary completely in the designs. I’m really looking forward.