Women and Men Clothing

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Fashion trends are constantly changing, sometimes so quickly that they can not even be captured. To facilitate this issue, you can follow the trends that designers designate for the seasons: autumn – winter and spring – summer. Both in the case of women and men, it is worth having in the closet one piece of clothing, which is currently “on top” – after all, how they see you write so.

Completely different trends are found in men’s fashion while others are in women’s fashion. As a rule, designers are more extravagant when it comes to women’s clothing than men’s clothing. This does not mean, however, that trends in men’s fashion are currently boring, on the contrary! About what trends currently apply in women’s fashion, and what trends you find in men below.

The latest trends in women’s fashion

Creating the latest trends, the designers were inspired by the men’s pajamas. In turn, the cut of a nightgown was used in designs of oversize dresses. Nightwear gave the basis of very fashionable patterns of overalls and rompers. It is this type of oversize projects worth having in your closet. Spacious, asymmetrical shirts play the role of extremely fashionable summer dresses. If the shirt dresses do not fit the figure, you can choose a light and airy dress in the form of a petticoat, which was promoted by Calvin Klein.

The retro style has returned to favor, in its eclectic edition. The vintage style is very trendy, so you can easily get it from your grandmother’s wardrobes. Mixing styles and motifs from different cultures with each other is extremely trendy. You can successfully mix different pieces of clothing in a variety of styles, sticking to just one rule, it has to be retro!

Latin American style
Dresses with flounces, voluminous skirts, floral prints, bare shoulders, all this must have season! The wardrobe should not lack strong, saturated colors, such as: orange, bloody red, or sunny yellow. Designers want to take everyone to hot Argentina for a fiery tango. This style will emphasize feminine charms and cover up possible defects in the figure.

Currently, a very fashionable tendency is to combine materials with different structures on a heavy-light basis. For example, you can combine a lace dress with a heavy, leather ramones. Very trendy is also mixing sports style with hippie (for example, sports shoes in combination with a light floral dress).

A chic flash
For some sequins, if the shimmering materials are kitschy, but not this season! The flash is currently very trendy, which has already captured clothing wholesalers, enriching its range with such models you can put on shimmering materials and metallic fabrics, with combined fur and lace. You can successfully combine shiny blouses with sequin skirts without fear of exaggeration.

Striped clothes
Two seasons dominated by sailor’s belts, currently also very fashionable. Strips in fashion have undergone transformation and can now be seen in various versions. Horizontal stripes in many different colors and vertical stripes that lengthen and slim the silhouette. Such a fashionable pattern is combined with a simple cut of clothes. Instead of a sailor’s combination of white and navy blue, colors such as emerald green and white, dirty roses combined with cool purple and indigo fuchsia are on the top today. Belts in very many scenes have a very important advantage, they color up even a very simple look and add extravagance, and to this they reign on the catwalks.

Body colors
You can not forget about the color of nude, because it is currently the most fashionable one. Flesh-colored blouses, skirts, coats, dresses and even pants. Wardrobe items in this color are also an ideal base for any styling. Such clothes are supposed to fuse with the body and be “invisible”, which is a new trend in fashion.

Round arms
The trendiest cut this season is one with clearly rounded arms. this shape of clothes enlarges the upper part of the figure, so clothes in this style should be worn with narrow pants, pencil skirts and shoes on the platform. For a long time on the streets and in online clothing stores, for example, bomber jackets, jackets and blouses with round arms dominate, as you can see their popularity is not coming to an end. Such fashion was popular in the 90s, he returned in a new version.

Inspirations with painting
Another trend in women’s fashion are materials in very rich, painterly patterns. This trend has been drawn from painting arts. Creatives that are covered with an abstract print or geometric pattern are very popular. Just like batik mimics, made using the DIY method. It is worth investing in a model with this design because it looks very chic. Such an item of clothing can be worn both with more subdued things and in combination with other designs.

Romantic trend
The last, current trend in women’s fashion is the romantic style. Delicate, ethereal materials in pastel colors, lace, and even attached feathers are currently trendy. This style also includes the popular print in so-called “links”. This style is called “New Romantic”. In the wardrobe, there should be things like that that can easily be combined with heavier materials.

Now Coming on to MEN’s clothing

The latest trends in men’s fashion

The well-known safari trend returns to favor. Just buy a classic jacket with a belt and four pockets. The safari trend does not have a limited range of colors, but the most fashionable ones are warm brown and green. Complementing the extremely fashionable safari jacket will be pants made of light material. This style is a hit this season, but it certainly will not change in the future.

As in the case of women’s fashion, an indispensable hit of this season in men’s fashion is a bomber jacket. This fashion is best purchased in a solid color and worn with lighter styling elements. Completed with torn trousers or in a sports version will be the best and the most fashionable set.

The color that is currently the most trendy in men’s fashion is orange. If men dare to accent such a strong accent of their outfit, the perfect complement to it will be a white or brown background that will give the facade a whole. Orange can be a very fashionable escape from boredom in men’s fashion.