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Winter is coming, the first snow and frost, and therefore, it’s time to think about warm things. Stores represent a lot of different winter things, among which we are waiting for counterfeits and low-quality specimens. Let’s take a look at how to choose reliable fashionable down jackets shirts, gloves and shoes that will warm you not one season.

most popular outerwear style is casual down jacket . This season, their models of warm winter clothes were presented by many huge brands.

In winter white, metallic, gray, marsh and dark blue are topical. It does not matter which length will be a down jacket – long, below the knee or very short. Almost all models have a belt that emphasizes the waist. Even in a bulky down jacket you will have a sophisticated look.

On the shelves of shops you can find fashionable down jackets , insulated with synthetic or soft down. Most often the filler is fluff gaggy, duck, goose or swan. The down jacket with synthetic soap will keep the heat worse after improper washing.

When choosing a model, pay attention to the label. If inside the product is a clean fluff you will see the “down” mark. But more often down jackets are stuffed with feathers, as evidenced by the inscription “feather”.

The ratio of fluff and feathers should be 70% to 20%. Sophisticated manufacturers attach a small amount of pouch to the clothing, so that the buyer knows what material is inside the product. On the same label you will find the country of origin. The best down jackets are made in Canada.

Well overdue seams say that the filler will not bump off. When you put on a down jacket, you should not feel the tingling of feathers. Squeeze the bottom of the down jacket, it must return to its prime state not earlier than in half a minute. Do the thing as indicated on the label, otherwise wrong washing can spoil the new one.

A sheepskin coat that does not require any further processing. Only sometimes it can be painted. is difficult to handle due to the fact that the fur is inside, and the skin is outside. However, designers Rick Owens, Burberry London, Karl Donoghue and Alexander Wang have created stylish winter jackets for the most demanding fashionistas.

In this season, the shades of black and brown shades differ in the shape and size of collars. Designers suggest wearing short sheep with plenty of pockets.

Before buying, inspect the thing: do not protrude threads, or no folds. The outer surface of the sheep is pleasant to the touch. Spread a hand on the skin: the quality of the sheath will remain a trace. The coloration of fur and leather should be monochromatic, without splinting and staining. The fur inside should go from the bottom up, then the sheep will not get worse after dry cleaning.

If the seller offers you a sheep from Tuscany, it is better to ask for a certificate for the thing. Often, under a black drowning, they give out the usual cropped fur.

Take the oatmeal. Good quality does not press. It does not form folds. Without cod, the sheep takes the original form, it will be comfortable and comfortable. To check the sheepskin cut, lift one arm up, the second shoulder should stay in place.

In the cold period, the skin of the hands needs heat and protection from the wind. Leather and suede gloves are considered the warmest.

Gloves can only cover your fingers or reach the elbow.. Long leather gloves of black and brown tones expand at the elbow.

Pile of quality suede gloves is velvety and almost invisible. The lining in good gloves is made of natural material that passes through the air. It can be both wool, and knitwear, and fake fabrics.

Knitted gloves will not lose shape if synthetic fibers are added to the natural wool.

Do not hesitate to wear gloves. It does not matter if they are wool or leather, gloves are always warmer than in gloves.

The seams inside the gloves do not rub the skin of the hands if they are thin and tender. Avoid buying very narrow or short gloves, so as not to freeze your hands.

Shoes quality and reliability of winter shoes depends not only on the appearance but also on the well-being. The warm and stylish shoes of this season.

In the winter classical boots and boots with colorful inserts, lightning and rivets will be fashionable. Equally popular suited boots with high heels, as well as shoes, decorated with fur.

The ideal winter option will be shoes made of genuine leather and fur. High-quality leather is rigid. She does not crack, but the folds of the foot do not appear small folds. Legs will be dry and not freeze.

The substitute will give it the back side, which shows the fibers of the threads. At touch this material is colder than natural leather.

The stitched sole on the footwear will stand and thaw water and wet snow. But it is better to give preference to the footwear that is sewn and sliced.

Not natural fur in boots is too shining. Be sure to check the fur at the sock. Manufacturers leave low-quality fur where it is not visible. Buy winter boots in size, and even better with a warm sock, otherwise your feet will freeze very quickly.

Warm and stylish you winter!