Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

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The ultimate playlist of the 200+ best songs for your road trip

Here it is: the ultimate playlist of over 200 songs for your road trip! And hopefully it will grow steadily. Please give us more ideas and suggestions to expand the playlist.

Sing along until the doctor comes
We love to sing along to songs in the car, squirming, making faces, rumbling and freaking out until tears run down and the laughter muscles hurt. In between, however, there must also be songs in which we can just switch off to sink in thought. Sometimes, just to humming or falling asleep as a passenger.

The perfect song mix
The playlist is a colorful mix of tens of decades of music genres. From the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s to today. With new songs, classics, evergreens and some songs that you may not even know. Also songs that we should actually be embarrassed.

From electro, indie, rock, hip hop, vocals to charts everything is just there. By the way, some songs are not meant to be serious, but rather serve as laughs in between (see Sash! Or NSYNC).

We also combine some songs with our trip around the world . For example, we heard Macklemore or Hey Brother permanently on the radio on our road trips through New Zealand and Australia . That’s where certain memories come to life in our heads.

Our # 1 hit forever and ever
500 Miles from The Proclaimers is a song we MUST hear every now and then. We always remember the series “How I met your mother”. We always think back to this scene and have to laugh.

Caro also worked in an Irish pub and of course the song always went up and down.

I am a bad passenger
I do not know about you, but I can rarely finish a song. There are just too many great songs and sometimes I spool to certain parts of the song or just swish the songs through until I find the right song for the situation. And Caro can therefore relax on a regular basis. Bad, I know. But I can not help it.

Sorry for some songs
I know the playlist is sometimes a wild mix of music genres and for some songs we should be ashamed. But not to lose the dignity is one thing said: what certainly is not going to happen is that a song by Nickelback or David Guetta will end up in it. Swear. Taylor Swift is embarrassing enough.

Have fun with the playlist
I hope you have as much fun and entertainment as we do with the playlist, and you can enjoy it as much as we can. For some songs, you can also switch off as a passenger or in the back seat, take a nap or hum softly to yourself.

In any case, we wish you a lot of fun with it!

PS: We have a playlist for Youtube and one for Amazon Prime Music . Sometimes there are songs on Amazon only with Amazon Music Unlimited . But we only have the standard account . There are other songs for that. Both playlists are almost similar. The sorting is different.

Did you actually know …
… that renting a car can be cheaper than buying a car? While you’re on your road trip, let’s go through the following figures:

Auto Europe interviewed 4,000 drivers about their upkeep and driving behavior. It has come out that motorists spend in their life on average a total of 222,144 euros for their car! That’s the madness!

The numbers are made up of repairs, fuel, parking, taxes, fees, insurance and and and.

Fun Facts
On average, drivers also eat 5756 sandwiches , 2187 burgers and 7783 cups of coffee in their lifetime. They also honk 2728 times and wash their car 2495 times ! Quite a lot of fuss about such a car. At least they kiss it 9009 times to say goodbye .