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My life with a shoe

I have a little bit of a fight with my boots. We do not always come together as I wish.
I also decided to contribute a few short stories about what my shoes have experienced. Respectfully, better to say what I have survived with them. Quality boots will always come together and older, the more I can appreciate comfortable and quality shoes. Warning: This blog also contains several life lessons.

Something to begin with. First of all, I have one leg a little smaller than the other (yes, nature is sometimes blown away). That’s why in the shop I often solve the dilemma whether to buy size 38 or 39. With sneakers it can be solved with more number and inserts, but in boats and sandals you either choose a painful and bloody way (No.38) or you get in shoes , because you are (at least on the smaller leg) just big and are calling at the most inconvenient time (No. 39).

Well, since I’m a man who does not quite recognize today’s comfortable times, I try to ride everywhere in the car, but always have at least that kind of movement. And when you go a lot, you also need comfortable boots.

Often I come home from work, I finally call my boots and my friend is making a mess, what a relief, finally getting rid of them. On what he just drowns out of the couch tells that in such boots her legs must still hurt and she does not understand that I have not changed them for a long time. I love him, but sometimes I forget why.

After a few short sessions on the topic: Start buying quality shoes – understand something in the style of its really comfortable and cushioned.

But here we come to the next problem that women face in this world. Unlike men who can afford to wear to the city, hiking, evening on the storm and maybe work, we can not afford it. We do not allow some social events, an important meeting at work, a day when we dress up those pretty elegant dresses that just fit booties. Well then we suffer. Therefore, the male sex, let me say, can not even imagine how much relief for us women is suddenly the shoes of comfortable sneakers. And that’s why I would meet some new ones from the Footshop.

Let’s start a bit nostalgic. I still remember the day when I became the proud owner of my first (and also the last) vats . I was still in the nursery, but I wanted to be in. So we and my father went to the market where my beautiful attention was drawn to the beautiful red vases. My eyes flashed and the bladders formed a gentle draft. Just love at first glance. I just had to have them and when a woman thinks something … but then we all know how to complete this sentence correctly.
In my number, however, these shiny beauties no longer had only a smaller number. My memory immediately recovered the memoir of Cinderella and how its stepfathers fell, when their foot was not crushed into the cavity. Deserted and without a partner. Marked by this fairytale, I instantly put my feet in the little vases with a heavy heat. We seem to have the primes, but I was harshly saying that they are sitting like a hat. Well then, when he looked into my eyes (or maybe he just did not want to look like a bad father in the eyes of the vendor), it was decided. The lacquers have bought me, and I am home at the very first opportunity when I recognized the shoe that I would not last for them for five minutes. I have never had them bottled and I have never even received any other vases.You know it, go for a holiday and you want to take the best things and show yourself a little in the world. It’s okay if you choose a holiday tip ” Two weeks I’m down on the beach and occasionally dump around the city .” It’s okay if you prefer to pick up tours when you’re about 13 hours non-stop on your feet.One of them was slip-ons with a pleasantly lined inner and a resilient vulcanized sole so they were comfortable enough. Specifically, in these, I stood up to the crater of the Vesuvius volcano and crossed Pompey. Of course, after their rise from the crater, their original black color turned into gray. They enjoyed the trip and were completely absorbed by the volcanic ash line.
Pompey did not add them very much, but on the other hand they could be part of the whole beauty (you certainly will visit this magnificence too) and they quickly fell into the environment as they resembled the archeological excavations after a while. Bottom did not help the washing machine, they were forever gray. What’s more, the experience is something. Well, these are the boots that all the parties, summer festivals, and so on do without you. You, which morning after the action, whisper, while you are catching the nearest source of drinking water, you come across and look at your eyes. You think about what exactly the day before, because you had the feeling that it was just an innocent Friday night with your friends. Why then do your shoes look like you’ve marathon, played a soccer match, miles of waders and then you still have the chance to mess with them?Well, yes, such shoes would be able to talk … at least as much as they remember. Based on these stories, I’m probably going to pray for me to be spoiled in this competition, because my precious feet are asking new and comfortable boots. Those I have at home have already lived and deserve to leave for eternal peaceful and dignified rest.