Robotics and Cybersecurity

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When we talk about IT connoisseurs, we mean, first of all, programmers, testers, designers, business analysts, project managers – in general, the IT industry can find its place in the sun for many talents.
IT companies are trying to move from an outsourcing model to a service model – when clients are offered assistance starting from the start of the project: discussing its strengths / weaknesses, developing the architecture, calculating budgets, drafting plans for implementation of the project and implementing it and implementing it in the final the consumer. This model, unlike the usual outsourcing, allows you to increase the added value.

Of course, the work on high-tech projects that involve not only programming itself, but also the development of smart devices (Internet of things) or robotic systems, requires much more knowledge and skills and the presence of a team of engineers that will be able to implement all stages of the development of such devices , their design, calculation of structural elements, manufacturing prototypes and their implementation in batch production. It is also clear that such specialists are more highly paid and competitive on the world market.

After studying students during the first two years it became clear that such specialists are needed in the labor market – out of 45 students of the second year, 27 were invited to practice in the Lviv IT companies during the summer (and some of them – proposals for employment)

It also turned out that IT also needs robotics specialists – people who can work in teams that design and create robotic platforms (or, as they are called, works).

In particular, the development of Photon Entertainment was recognized as the best startup of central and eastern Europe in 2018.

Also, robotic developments cause a lot of interest in the army. Let’s recall how the UAV and UAV changed the UAV – because of them, a number of dangerous tasks (intelligence, target identification, targeting) are carried out with high efficiency and with less risk for the lives of soldiers.

These developments can also be used to demarcate areas, delivery of products and ammunition in a forward position where there is a high risk of fire damage to personnel.

Cyber ??security
Our life can not be imagined without the Internet. Virtually every one of us has a “virtual I” in social networks, which is inextricably linked with our “physical self.” An attacker’s access to a profile in social networks will inflict less damage if we speak of an ordinary citizen, but can have significant consequences when it is the profile of an official organization, company leader or politician.

Documents on your computer may also contain interesting information for intruders. And the more necessary for them the information you own, the more effort will be made to get it.

Unfortunately, most users’ problems occur in violation of elementary rules of hygiene – when the software is not updated for a long time, or users visit unknown sites, install suspicious / broken non-licensed software, undergo a variety of tests in social networks.

I note that these same problems relate to the information systems of organizations, enterprises or industries, with only the difference that the results can be more devastating.

Thus, the hacker’s attack on the energy system of the Ivano-Frankivsk region in 2015 left more than 230 thousand consumers without light. This year’s WannaCry and Petya virus attacks have caused significant damage to many institutions.

The attackers, or more precisely, say the employees of the special services of the Russian Federation, carefully prepared for these attacks for a long time and used a significant arsenal of vulnerabilities to cause maximum harm. I note that in both cases we are dealing with the organized work of the Russian Federation within the framework of the hybrid war.

Such a type of hybrid war can create a false vision that hackers need to be addressed to other hackers, but who are “good hackers” (more correctly called ethical hackers). This is only partly true – attack protection is a much more complex task that involves the development of rules of work in an organization with information resources, the development of software update process, and the installation of monitoring systems (in order to detect the intrusion of third-party users into your network in a timely manner and to disinfect them).

It should also be noted that we must continuously work on protecting against cyberattackets – after all, malicious people seek out new and new ways of attacking each time. In fact, cyber defense is like a game of chess by two grandmasters. Mastermasters who continuously improve their skills.