Reduce Stress and Gain Muscles

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Stress in everyday life? In this article, I want to address this very topic and make you think a bit. I will also speak of my personal experiences. In the end, this article will help you, as well as you can reduce stress and thus accelerate the regeneration and muscle growth, so let’s start!

It was a very stressful and depressing time, both professionally and privately. Everyone wanted something from me and I was under constant pressure. The more I worked, the less progress was made – at least that was my subjective feeling.

When building muscle, nothing happened. Although I trained hard 3 times a week, and I ate plenty of protein and a healthy diet the rest of the day , I followed my physical form rather than improving it.

What was main problem?
By chance, I met someone who had been through the same one before. I told him about my situation and he made me aware of some things that I would never have recognized myself!

In this day and age, it’s all about delivering performance . Work best 50-60 hours a week, do sports, be there for friends and family and the rest must also somehow be done. How to do it does not matter, the main thing is to work!

What is left behind is your own needs and your own body feeling. The feeling of listening to his body when it stops. Nowadays, aches and pains in physiotherapy are resolved and headaches are treated with aspirin. The original problem is ignored!

However, if our body is under constant stress, it is looking for a valve to reduce stress! This often causes pain and other physical symptoms quite subconsciously.

We just can not find any inner peace anymore and that’s exactly what my problem was! I realized that as much as I ate, my body simply could not properly absorb and utilize the food. My sleep was disturbed and so I did not build muscle anymore!

Relieving stress – these 7 steps brought me back on track
I revised my complete everyday life. The following points were changed:

First and foremost, I broke free of everything that had a negative impact on me. These were both small things and larger ones, such as a job change.
I increased my sleep time from 6 to 8 hours.
I take more time for my breakfast now.
The private and social sphere is just as important to me as the professional one!
Regular sauna sessions or even relaxing in the relaxation room after training are no longer a rarity.
I often treat myself in between a healthy snack, such as a whey protein shake or a big apple.
I try to enjoy the beautiful things in life much more intense and enjoy than before.

What were the consequences of change?
Of course, things did not get better overnight, but over time the results were very clear:

I have become calmer inside and am relaxed even in difficult situations.
My energy came back slowly and I felt fitter week by week.
I got more hungry again and I now like to eat a lot again.
For the first time in weeks I was able to increase the weights in training!
I kept steadily increasing and building muscle again.
In the morning I felt well again and I was not tired during the day.
I was able to concentrate better at work and was thus more focused.

Never underestimate your mental state! If your body and your mental strength out of balance, this can have very serious consequences on your muscle. Also you will thereby injury-prone.

Many gyms offer recreation and relaxation areas to relieve stress. Take advantage of these great opportunities and give you and your body sometimes times a break. Your body will thank you with more strength, energy and muscle gains!