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The book plays a very important role in human life. On her pages, the history of all humanity and the development of civilization has been written. Books not only provide knowledge, but also help us at work, teach practical skills, and what is associated with it also learn logical thinking. We develop our imagination through reading. whose lack is underestimating our creativity.
Literature makes us reflect. We often think about the protagonist’s fate whether he did good or bad. Some of them are examples of our behavior and behavior in life. We read a lot, improve the way we speak, and increase the amount of words. Thanks to this, we can speak more clearly and logically.A world without books would be poor. People in the era of television and the Internet would not be able to escape into another world they like. In this world, they evaluate the hero’s fate, nothing is imposed on them what to think.
Thanks to the books, we can deepen our knowledge in every scientific field at any time. Books help us dream, and without a dream a man has nothing to strive for. Asking yourself if you can imagine a world without books, some people respond with full conviction that yes, because they have technological novelties that replace books. Others are indignant to hear that a book can be replaced because books are their lives. Some will sit comfortably in front of the TV looking for some information or browsing the Internet. Books then go to the background. Others, on the other hand, read with total commitment to the content of the book. However, I wanted to present you the meaning of the book from the perspective of the student.

There are always thoughts in my mind asking how books were made, how these ancient, wonderful books were written.
For the most intriguing of all these questions is one thing: who started the magazine and how long does it exist?
After all, this is one of the most important means of communication. what’s more, it is the only means to overcome time. evidence of these words is the oldest known to the scholars, which comes from the mid-fourth millennium BC.
The film or audio recorded on the album “hides” so writing, because after a few years people will forget about these records, because the technique is constantly changing, modernizing .Books, however, do not change, so you can always read these even 100 years ago. Asking what the ancient books looked like, people can not answer them. Only a few people saw medieval books written on parchment. Only a few know how they look going to the heart of the matter, the book itself is irreplaceable and extremely valuable to everyone even though some people do not realize it, how much.Can we imagine life without books? A person who reads a lot of books, for sure, because as you know, the book develops the imagination. However, a person who is limited to reading only the TV’s operating instructions will also have no problems with that. Life is different without books. In my case impossible. About 45% of people do not read books at all. 60% do not even buy them. Children and young people reach for books only out of necessity. Why is this happening?

The first argument encouraging parents to read books should be of interest to parents of minor children. Reading the books, we visually remember the spelling of words. For a few hours of looking at the letters, we write them in the subconscious. Thanks to this, we reduce the risk of mistakes during the school test . The problem with spelling significantly disappears.

Thanks to the knowledge contained in the book, we will better understand the world around us. Always from the book, we can learn something that we will not learn at school, and thanks to that we can show off our knowledge to our friends. Not only school books and encyclopedias, but ordinary novels have this feature. They teach solving everyday problems and dealing with troubles. And when we had a hard, tiring day, we can always make hot tea, drop a favorite plate, spread out on the couch, and, forgetting everything, forgetting everything.

It’s good that we can take the book everywhere. And although books are various (from thick tomisks to small, handy books), they are also practical. The book can be read everywhere: at a boring lecture under the bench, while driving (I do not recommend, but some bear it), on the beach, and grandma on the plot. And it will certainly fit anywhere. Because a book is not a computer that has to stay at home.

I left the most important argument at the end. A very valuable advantage of the book is what I mentioned above. Namely, the book develops the imagination. It allows you to create your own stories, write poems, or even convey related feelings to the image. We learn, in the footsteps of famous writers, to see the beauty around us that we have not noticed before. After reading the more ambitious volumes, we can reflect ourselves on the meaning of our existence, state what we really want to do in life, set goals that we will persistently strive for. The book tells us this, citing the stories of different heroes. When we are able to use the imagination, we will use it more often and escape into the world of dreams and unrealized plans. And although every person, even one who has never read a book,

After all, the book is born out of the imagination, vision and fantasy of a human being.In my opinion, it is definitely worth reading books.First of all, they shape our imagination. Authors of literature placing in their works, for example, descriptions of nature, phenomena, etc., stimulate our curiosity and help to create a better picture of the presented situations. Secondly, books enrich vocabulary through the terminology used in them, not always encountered in everyday life. Another argument for the acquisition of the ability to build longer oral statements as well as written, correct in terms of spelling and grammar. The next thing is that books do not harm your eyes as much as your computer monitor or TV screen. Books are not only a form of relaxation but also often a treasury of knowledge from various fields. They familiarize us with the history and culture of both our and other nations.
I believe that the arguments presented above confirm the thesis that it is worth reading books. I hope that they will convince other students and not only pupils to reach for this valuable and practical source of knowledge.