Healthy Foods and Fitness

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Some foods that have the reputation of being “healthy, in reality are worse for health than you can think.” Just a look:

fruits Dried fruits can be a better alternative to sweets, but that does not mean they can be consumed in unlimited quantities. they contain sugar and are full of calories, making them the maximum good for a snack or a topping for whole grains (and not those which discuss the next point).
Think only fresh fruit were about 30 -60 calories / 100 g, while dried fruits can reach 400-500!

We have also seen ourselves being promoted as granola, as well as whole grains in beautiful packaging and marketed as ideal for diets. The bad news is that the granola is loaded with fat and sugar – both proven to be responsible for the increased risk of heart attack and heart attack – and, of course, calories.

About breakfast cereals we have discussed and argued that it is not the best option for a healthy breakfast to keep our hunger under control, but if we also choose sweet and good cereals, then we are certainly talking about a dessert .

Nuts of nuts
Peanut butter is certainly healthy, but in our market it is often the sugar variant. Nuts of walnuts already have a lot of calories, because they are still made of oleaginous, so if you can limit yourself to one teaspoon, enjoy it, if not choose the walnuts in their classical, crumbly form.

Whole brussels or cakes
Most of these muffins are only made from white refined flour with added sugar, eggs and unsweetened trans fats. The simple fact that they also contain some seeds or bran, does not make them healthier with anything. They have as many calories as a regular brioche, that is, up to 400 calories, 30g of sugar and 20g of fat.

Just because they are crisp and slim, it does not make pretzels or sticks good for snacks during the day. Whether they are used or “full”, they have about 400 calories / 100g and the biggest problem is that then we start to crumble, we do not stop at a few pieces, but give up a whole bag. Cafe

with flavors
The famous cafe chains have plenty of tempting and delicious products, extremely appetizing for the eyes and for the taste buds. The problem is that all syrups and flavors that make them so hard to withstand are full of calories and in no way bring the antioxidant and nutritional benefits of a simple coffee.

Commercial glass teas
Most of the tea products we find in our stores have either sugar or honey, and the number of calories can even go up to 300, that’s exactly the same as a carbohydrate juice box.

Smoothies Bottled Smoothies, whose label can also be “organic”, may look good and taste as healthy as possible, but if we read the ingredients, we may get a little scared. Sugar is among the main ingredients, aside from the fact that if it is based on fruit juice, then the amount of fiber that would have saved the situation is also decreasing.

Rings of rice or expanded wheat
Despite how they look, light and healthy, these snacks should be eaten in moderation because they bring little benefit to the body. They have no proteins, no one knows how many fibers, maximum carbohydrates that can energize us before training. But it is true that if they have no sugar topping, they can be the basis for a healthy ingredient such as hummus or that teaspoon of peanut butter.

Fruit Juices (Fresh)
About the detoxification strains with juices I wrote, but I must mention again and on this occasion how unhealthy I consider to be “natural” juices. Only because they are from fruits do not indicate them in any way. They do not contain the fibers of the fruit from which they are made, but contain the sugar of those many fruits that we add in the composition, about 12 teaspoons of sugar to be more accurate!

Protective, energetic, “” diet bars
I’m glad to have passed this fashion of “diet” sticks with fiber, which we know to promote some of our science. Basically, a so-called protein bar contains a lot of simple and insufficient protein carbohydrates to really help us, besides having a caloric content enough to cover a whole meal.

Energy Drinks and Dietary Beverages
If we read labels, energy drinks claim to be based on ingredients such as taurine, minerals, electrolytes, plant extracts, but they actually have sugar as the main ingredient. They are indeed indicated when doing long cardio workouts, for example, to give us an energy boost, but it is not justified when we are 30 minutes on the treadmill.
As for dietetic drinks that do not contain sugar but contain artificial sweeteners, this trickery of the taste buds does not bring any benefit, or even arouses the craving for even more sweet ones.

Integrated or multicore products
Many people find it better to choose bread from wheat flour, dietetics or bread with no grain, but the truth is that most types of bread in the supermarket are made with refined cereals, have as their main ingredient white flour and probably have only some traces of something completely in them.
As I emphasize on every occasion, read the list of ingredients and make sure what you buy is what you think.
The color of bread is not a good indicator, just because it is darker, it does not mean that it is due to whole ingredients or added dyes.

Merlot juice
Just like lemon juice or lime juice, pure juice is very sour and almost impossible to drink without sweeteners, so most types found in the supermarket are full of sugar.
If you want an alternative, you can try concentrate juice or merisera syrup, just remember to read the label before.

Gluten-free products
Just because they do not contain gluten, these products do not mean they are necessarily healthier and less dietetic. They have just as many calories and other ingredients that should cause us to drink as seldom as their usual counterparts.

Some salads and dietary sauces
Just because the menu is called “salad”, that does not mean that the few leaves of rucola or lettuce will automatically make it healthy. This applies especially to salads from the restaurant, which come with croutons, oil or, if we talk about the famous salads from Taco Bell, for example, some even reach 820 calories and almost 2g of salt.
If we think that a lunch should have an average of about 400-500 calories on average, and that it would be good to limit ourselves daily to 1500g of salt, then it seems as if we do not get so much the idea of ​​taking a “salad” from a renowned chain of restaurants. And the less we should think of a small dessert, then we probably reach the daily calorie requirement.
As for the sauces, I do not think it’s a surprise to anyone that they’re full of sugar. Try adding salad spices, herbs and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as olive oil (and the one with measure) or balsamic vinegar.
The fact that we do not control the ingredients is exactly the reason why we recommend that we rather take time to cook our tables at home, at least at home.

So, as you can see, many foods can surprise us when it comes to what they contain. I did not detail much, but if you want to get to grips with everything that means healthy eating and the truth about what we eat, you can enroll in the course of Nutritionist Technician.