Healthy Baby Food

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How do you ensure healthy baby food? For all parents certainly one of the very special moment: your child is eating solid food for the first time! But that also means that now the time of the mash and purees has begun. And in the shops there are enough baby food with which you can spoil the little ones. But what is super healthy? And what do you have to look for if you want your child to eat healthy foods? has some tips for you!

Glass or no glass?
From the fourth month you can get used to the toddler to the solid food. First of all, this will be limited to tasting snacks so that the child can get used to the solid food and the flavors. From the 8th month then the right work starts. From this moment on, feeding replaces (in part) the feeding with the vial. Since your child can not chew so well in the first few months, a pureed porridge is the best choice. Of course, the porridge can be a finished product. In Germany, there are strict laws that ensure that baby food contains healthy ingredients. But nevertheless it is recommended to prepare the food fresh. That has some good reasons.

The baby food that can be bought in a glass is pasteurized: the contents are heated for a short time so that they can be stored longer. Even if baby food does not suffer too much damage, it can still lead to vitamin loss. In addition, there may be loss of taste and texture compared to freshly prepared baby food. Just try it yourself and compare the taste of the finished product and a freshly prepared portion. You will taste the difference. It is better for your child to be able to taste the natural flavors right from the start. Because if your child gets too used to the finished products, then it may be harder for him / her to get used to the freshly prepared food later on.

Prepare your own healthy baby food
Preparing the food for your baby has some advantages:

You decide what your child eats. No standard “08/15” pulp anymore. Would you like to combine celery with beetroot? Or roots with bananas? No problem!
Your child will only be given fresh products that are not pasteurized, sterilized or otherwise contaminated without your knowledge.
It is cheaper! The only thing you need is a pan, a blender and fresh products.
Do not you feel like standing around the stove every day to prepare fresh food for your child? Then just cook a bit more while cooking and get yourself a supply. All you have to do is get the prepared food out of the fridge, warm it up and you’re done.

What is allowed, what not?
Would you like to cook a healthy meal for your baby? Then you should consider some things for a healthy baby food! For children aged 4 months to 1 year, the following information applies:

Do not give your child honey to eat raw fish, meat or dairy products, smoked fish or raw eggs. These products can contain bacteria which can make your child ill.
Do not give your child any liverwurst or just a small amount once a week. These products contain too much vitamin A for babies.
Always ensure good hygiene when preparing the meal for your baby.