Good and Cheap Restaurants in Chicago.

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Chicago, the city of the wind, skyscrapers and pizza that
looks more like a cake than anything else. And how rich it
is! In previous episodes (ains, I always wanted to write)
we tell you everything you can see and do in Chicago ,
today it’s time to talk about where to put on a couple of
kilos. Yes: I am going to tell you 10 restaurants where to
eat in Chicago (good and cheap) . And of course I am going
to reveal where to eat the best pizzas in Chicago … it
would be more

1. Portillo’s Hot Dog
It is one of the most mythical places in the city, where,
according to locals and tourists, they eat the best hot
dogs in Chicago . Come on, if you come here, pass on all
the other things in the letter and ask for a hot dog
(prices between $ 3 and $ 5). The original ($ 3) carries
sausage, mustard, onion, cucumbers, salt and pepper

2. Billy Goat Tavern
I arrived here after having read that the Billy Goat Tavern
is a legendary club in Chicago , with a very interesting
history , and I do not know, I was the only customers but
it was a bit strange. The small venue shares space with a
pub of these that has a thousand televisions with greyhound
races and baseball games. I already told you it was weird
(then I discovered that there are several locations hehe).
Of course, the hamburger that I ate was very rich. The
cheesburguer costs about $ 4 and if you want to accompany
it with a coke or a drink of your choice you will only
have to pay another 4-6 $.

3. Antique Taco
One thing is clear: Illinois is not New Mexico or
California, but that does not mean that it is impossible to
find good and authentic Mexican food . In fact, Antique
Taco, always comes out in the lists of the best tacos in
the United States and the reason is that they are

4. Lou Mitchell’s
It’s probably the most famous breakfast place in the city
and many people who start on Route 66 (which leaves right
from Chicago) opens that adventure by trying their huge
tortillas, their pancakes or their waffles (if you dare
with the sweet-salty mix test the waffel with chicken, 12 $
aprox). But not only breakfast lives Lou Mitchell’s, if you
want to stick a good meal, your letter is quite extensive
(with daily dishes included).

5. Chi Coffee
If you are a great lover of Asian food , you will love this
place. It is genuine and with an immense and cheap letter.
It specializes in Chinese dishes, but also has winks to
other cuisines of Asia (there are for example satay, Thai
style fried rice …). The prices are very good : the meat
dishes are around $ 10 ($ 5 if you get a plate of rice and
meat), the first ones (rice, noodles, soups) also $ 10 and
the entrees do not exceed $ 4-7. .

The Halal Guys
I discovered this restaurant in New York (actually I ate
there in a street stall) and I liked this Middle Eastern
food so much that I kept looking for it all over the United
States and you’re in luck! in Chicago there are several
(both restaurants and food trucks). The best thing is to
get the rice dish with meat and sauce , it’s death, I
promise ($ 8.99). And it’s so big, that if you’re not too
hungry, you can share between 2 (or what’s left over, it’s
worth for dinner).

The Chicago Dinner
A proposal for vegetarian friends , vegans and for
everyone, that after so much meatiness always good to eat
something different. Or something similar … but totally
meat-free, like for example their famous seitan wings with
Thai chili sauce ($ 10), or a fake meat kebab (made with
seitan), or a hamburger like Buddha’s Karma, They make with
a sweet potato burger, tofu and curry, pineapple, lettuce,
onion and chimichurri sauce ($ 12). Come on, the menu is
very extensive and you will surely find more than something
that will make your mouth water!

Giordano’s Pizza
It is possibly the best known pizzeria in the city, but do
not be fooled: the authentic Chicago pizza was invented at
Pizzeria Uno . But it does not matter: here they do it
divinely. My advice is to come at lunch time, when there is
a good, nice and cheap lunch menu , where for $ 8.65 you
have a first one (obviously, ask for the individual pizza)
and a companion (potatoes, salads or Soup). Believe us: the
individual pizza looks small but I couldn’t finish it. The
only bad thing is that it is such a busy place that there
is almost always a queue (you have to sign up on the
waiting list and they call you, I had to wait about half an