Full Complete Guide to Visit Florida , USA

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Before you get to Florida, you need to arrange some formalities. Fortunately, there are not many and do not pose any major complications. So if you’re not a terrorist or a moron …


For travel to the USA, and therefore to Florida, the visa requirement is a must. Fortunately, obtaining this permission is not complicated, you need to fill in the ESTA form online , where you essentially confirm that you are not a terrorist and you do not have a super mad disease that would blur the world. A few days after filling in the application, the visa was issued and completed … The application must be approved no later than 72 hours before traveling to the USA and valid for the next two years.


There is no need to vaccinate for Florida. We did not take any vaccinations themselves, but surely do not forget to arrange medical insurance and some sunscreen.

Interview with Customs Officer

It is good to mentally prepare for an interview with the customs officer before departure. This is usually done at the last airport in front of the US, and fortunately it is not a shame. The official usually just needs to check if you are able to communicate in America and if you are not, you have someone more capable with you.I felt a little like a fool, because as I have good English, I was hardly able to understand him. But that could be overcome with a nice smile. Unfortunately, the lady in front of me, who flew alone and did not speak English, had no such luck and another clerk had taken her away …

Weather in Florida

It does not matter when you go to Florida – anyway, you can not avoid the heat. We were here in September and the temperatures were around 30 degrees. Virtually every building in Florida is equipped with air conditioning, which shrinks the temperature to a cool level, which can be a bit unpleasant and here and there there is a malicious rum. Acclimatization is not that terrible, but the ubiquitous stomach is quite demanding. Fortunately, there is always an ocean where you can refresh yourself. If you venture into the forests, count on the poisonous mosquitoes that the climate proves enormously, which is consistently celebrating with continuous reproduction. Another typical of the weather in Florida are sudden storms that appear from nowhere, drenched with a dense stream of water and then disappear.

Season and off-season

During the season, the winter and spring months in Florida are considered to be warmer in Florida. On the contrary, the summer months are hot, but on the other hand there are fewer people, lower prices for accommodation and more empty beaches.

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Florida is attacked every year by hurricanes of all kinds. These are usually formed in the Gulf of Mexico or south of Florida and then merrily scramble to the north of the USA, gaining strength. The hurricane season is the strongest in September, when I went to Florida. During the stay at LAL, Hurricane Irene was born, which later devastated New York. It is good to keep track of weather and hurricane developments on local TV stations or on the web. Well, if it comes, hide. HAHAHAHAHA

Accommodation in Florida

I originally planned to spend the night in Florida under the tent in the camps. Unfortunately, the campsites remind you of the wilderness in the jungle, which is surrounded by dusk and infested mosquitoes. I only managed two nights at the Bahia Honda SP. In winter, however, the temperature is more pleasant and mosquitoes disappear. For valuable information, visit the State Park Web site . Prices per night are different, but they usually range from $ 25-40, including a vehicle entrance fee.


Instead of the campsite, I finally found ourselves the best place to stay in motels, where you can get a discount on the brochures that are on each landing. The rooms are air-conditioned, providing comfortable comfort and basic amenities. The price for accommodation in motels is usually around 50-60 USD per night. You can find motels in both the cities and the city. We can recommend the motels 8 Inn, Days Inn and Americas Best Value Inn.


In addition to camps and motels, it is of course possible to accommodate the comfort of hotels in the cities. Prices are higher, but you will get comfort in the more equipped rooms, the hotel pool, refreshments in the bar or the terrace overlooking the ocean. The best hotel I had to use was La Quinta Inn. Prices in hotels vary according to their level and the city where they are located. You can leave 70 USD per night as well as 150 USD.

Transportation to Florida

In the US, it’s right and there’s too much traffic to see. We just surprised the possibility of going to red if you turn right and left nothing. It is also worth mentioning that if you arrive at a crossroads without lights, it is usually preferable to the one who arrives first or the first to act for the act. Occasionally, a comic situation arises when a car stands on each side, and his driver smiles on his lips as he goes. Generally speaking, the Floridians are quiet drivers.

It is not difficult to borrow a car in Florida. Car rentals at each airport there are several. I recommend renting a car in advance , which offers a comparison of prices at various rentals, and at the same time allows you to get discounts for choosing one of the preferred packages – for example, for young drivers under 25 years of age (where an extra charge is payable, which can double the total cost) . The problem is not even a shortage of cars from a reserved category – I booked a low-end car, but because they were not available, they gave me a mid-range car without any extras.

How to go to Florida

I was talking about the red ride when turning. Speed ​​limits are 80 miles per hour outside the village and 40 miles per hour in municipalities. Motorways are mostly unpaid, and if so, the fee is tolerable (from 50 cents to a few dollars). Sometimes you can pay for the entrance to a newly built bridge. Transportation is guarded by local police officers, but we rarely encountered a loser who would win a fine.

Florida boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA. Some of them may be a little busy from drifting plants or lined mangroves where mosquitoes grow, but overall they are clean, long, beautifully sandy and rich in shells. With every piece of Florida’s coast boasting some of the beaches, many of which have world-class awards, it’s not easy to decide which part of the sandy paradise to visit.