Different Types of Toys for Different Ages of Children

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Did you know that the spinning top is a toy that already existed in the year 4000 BC? We may think it was a toy used by our grandparents, however, it is a traditional toy that has evolved over the years but is still present in children’s games today.
This is the meaning of traditional toys, they never go out of fashion and, at best, update their materials to facilitate their manufacture or make them safer for our children.In the case of the spinning top, the Janod brand presents its modern version: Musical top of the farm with a suction cup at the bottom so that the little ones (from 18 months) can make it dance and see how the truck turns to the rhythm of music and movement.One of the main differences in children’s games is where they are used. Before the children played more time on the street, now they spend more time at home. Even so, children’s toys par excellence have not changed so much, and if not, look at these traditional toys, ¿with what did your parents play when they were small?

The classic toys par excellence
Many of our parents’ games and even before, had been recycled and many toys that were traditionally children or girls are currently suitable for both sexes. They are toys that promote symbolic play and represent everyday actions that children imitate.
This is the case of toy strollers, the stellar toy of schools for younger children, where both children and children spend hours playing with them . Another of the classic toys that were traditionally for children, is the game of marbles. A bag full of marbles could entertain the children all afternoon, make circuits in the streets, put ramps on the sidewalks … today we have the improved version of the traditional game of balls for baby rolling balls , in this case for children starting from 9 months, with very large pieces to avoid suffocation.Some of the most recent, but which also has a lot of history, is the typical Rubik’s cube that was invented in the 70s and was very successful.So little by little, tastes change and toys evolve in their materials and strategies. However, traditional toys are still very fashionable and trendy. If you are looking for an educational and long lasting gift, with these toys they will be a success!

Lately the word STEM is heard everywhere. But what exactly are STEM toys ? STEM toys are based on the teaching of 4 specific disciplines from an interdisciplinary point of view: science, technology, engineering and mathematics in English, from whose name the name comes. The STEM method proposes to integrate these 4 disciplines instead of teaching them separately, based on real applications.
One of the objectives of STEM games is to prepare the little ones for the professions of the future, such as robotics, computer science or the natural sciences. The STEM toys you’ll find in will reinforce cognitive development, improve mathematical skills, stimulate problem solving, help communicate and improve hand-to-eye motion and coordination, while also encouraging group play, language development and creativity thanks to the construction of models. All without ever stopping to have fun.

In many homes with children, trains are one of the main toys. Although they were the emblem of past generations and their models became collectibles, at the beginning of the 2000s we read the news that was once again in fashion : the children still asked for a train. The impact of films like The Polar Express or the Harry Potter saga contributed to this new boom.

That the trains flood the houses with children again is great news! Not only because they are beautiful, but also because playing with them helps the little ones to develop motor skills, collect objects and move them. And they are ideal for the practice of symbolic play
Depending on the space available at home, the age of the child and his preferences when playing there are many different train options . Perhaps one of the best known is the toy train circuits, which include not only the vehicles, but also the tracks, level crossings, bridges, tunnels …

What to buy for little infants
Infants must sleep in a quiet and cozy environment, with mild temperatures and no noise, in a comfortable and comfortable bed, and a significant object, such as a pacifier, a blanket, a diaper or a soft toy. These transitional objects are very important for the child, as they represent the parents in their absence and help them to face separation. Often, it is the little ones who choose the soft toys and it is essential to help them choose the best ones for such a tender age. For this reason, we want to help you.

The plush baby should have little hair, as they are constantly placed in the mouth. In size, they should not be too large so they are easy to grab and not scare children. In addition, children like that stuffed bears are soft, pleasant to the touch, and good for sucking or biting and, if they smell like parents, they will become their favorite toy.

Among the best soft plush options for newborns, we find the Kaloo Blue small bunny rabbit 18cm charming , with long ears, soft and tender, a visual and tactile pleasure for the little ones. Among the best soft plush options for newborns, There are plush toys that have a very important element: music. Music helps children relax and plays a very important role in their development. In this case, we chose the Happy Horse musical plush goose , because we believe that besides being very soft and pleasant, has all the characteristics to become inseparable from your child!