Curry chicken with rice preparation

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So u are looking for a healthy, delicious and high protein fitness meal? Then I’ll introduce you here to one of my best fitness recipes: curry chicken with rice and peanuts ! This meal is very easy to cook and so tasty that you might think it is a cheat meal! All information on the nutritional values, ingredients and the preparatios

Of course, healthy fatty acids should not be missing in a full meal . The unsalted peanuts from ültje are the perfect supplier! Peanuts, however, also contain a good portion of magnesium, proteins and potassium and, incidentally, should also lower cholesterol levels .

The many vegetables that can be added to this meal at will, the vitamins, minerals and trace elements are not too short! At the same time, the sharpness of the curry paste stimulates the metabolism.

Curry chicken with rice and peanuts is one of the tastiest and best meals for muscle growth and regeneration ! Not for nothing is the classic chicken with rice one of the most popular meals in bodybuilding and weight training!

Ingredients – Curry Chicken Recipe with Rice and Peanuts
To make this delicious fitness recipe easy and quick to cook, you need the following ingredients. The quantities are sufficient for 2 portions:

300g chicken meat
100g basmati rice
60g peanuts
350ml coconut milk light
2 tablespoons of peanut oil
2 tablespoons red curry paste
150g champignon
1 whole pepper
1 whole onion
120g bamboo shoots
coriander powder
curry powder
Curry chicken with rice ingredients

Easy and fast preparation in 6 steps
1. Cook the rice
Since it takes a while we have to cook the rice at the beginning. I used the very healthy Basmati rice for this fitness recipe. Here you can also choose a different kind of rice.

For the preparation, I have a cup of rice (100g) and two cups of water in a small saucepan at medium temperature and a little salt. The rice should now simmer until the water is completely absorbed.

2. Roast the chicken
In the next step, we roast the chicken breast fillet. We put two tablespoons of peanut oil (alternatively coconut oil) in a large frying pan or even better, in a wok . The chicken meat is first cut into small pieces and can be seasoned with a little salt and pepper. At medium temperature we roast the meat until it is completely cooked through.

3. The vegetable mix
Now put the fried chicken on the side and put our vegetable mixture in the pan. For this I cut a whole onion, a red pepper and 150g mushrooms in rough pieces. I also used bamboo shoots for this recipe. Then the vegetables are sautéed at high temperature and mixed with a wooden spoon over and over again.

Curry chicken preparation

4. Add coconut milk and curry paste
If the vegetables are sauteed but still firm, then it’s time to pour the vegetables with coconut milk. Also, we now add two tablespoons of curry paste. Anyone who wants to can refine this recipe with some coriander and curry powder. At medium temperature, the whole thing is now heated and boiled.

5. Add chicken meat
After a few minutes, we add the chicken and let it cook for a while as well. Do not forget to stir again and again!

6. Serving and serving
If everything is well cooked, we can arrange the curry chicken on a plate together with the rice. For the crunchy something we give a handful of peanuts on the court. Now our curry chicken is finished with rice and peanuts and can be served!

Curry chicken with rice preparation

Curry chicken with rice and peanuts – these are the nutritional values ??per serving
Protein: 50g
Carbohydrates: 55g
Fat: 37g
Calories: about 740 Kcal per serving

Tip at the end
For all hobby chefs who want to enjoy this meal a bit sharper , I recommend adding some chilli to the list of ingredients. Also with the curry paste you can experiment between mild (yellow curry paste) and very spicy (green curry paste).

Vegetarians and even vegans can also benefit from this fitness recipe . Easy to use instead of chicken, potatoes or tofu. Tastes also very delicious and still delivers a decent portion of proteins for muscle growth!