Casual Theme for Men 2018

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Men in particular often feel allergic when they hear about current fashion trends, the must-haves of the summer, the latest craze on the catwalks of the big cities. Is that often synonymous with unbearable, monkey and short half-life. However, if you style current trends correctly and mix them with classics from the wardrobe, you will create a cool look that is so casual that you’ll be assured of appreciative looks.


Colour. Colour. Colour.

And bright color. Mostly orange. The color orange automatically puts you in a good mood, be it with the wearer or with the environment. It is reminiscent of sun-hot oranges, the coolness of Thai monks from the last vacation and the fiery sun ball before it goes down over the sea. Orange does not need competition. The color is best combined with quieter, darker colors such as gray or navy or with all-time classics like beige and khaki.


The skinny jeans stays in the wardrobe.

Especially wide trouser forms are back. But they do not slip as if from Justin Bieber almost from the hip, but sit at the waist. It is important not to combine an oversize jumper, but rather body-embossed T-shirts or slim fit shirts. Only then will the proportions be right. Depending on your preference, this form of chino or jeans.


Washed denim is Out of Fashion

Trendy is now untreated denim. Deeply blue, deeply raw. The jeans look like they came straight from the sewing room. Stone-washed, possibly even with huge white spots on the thighs as Dieter Bohlen once wore are passé. The same applies to the destroyed style. Just no more pants that have holes and cuts or even frayed. Fashionable wear dark denim in the complete look, so pants to jacket or vest.



The polo shirt is back

far too long you could see the polo shirt only to zip trekking pants or under the blazer with gold buttons. Now it may finally be solo again. The color palette ranges from fresh bright colors like orange or scarlet to dark tones in green or blue. By the way, taboos are visible logos. Who wants to go through the city as a billboard? The polo shirt looks stylish when all buttons are closed.


Men now wear Teddy

Of course, no teddy bears, but faux fur as an accessory on the collar of the jacket or in the lining. Teddy makes a clear statement against real fur. At the same time it keeps warm on cool early summer days and does not need a shapeless sweater to pull it down. It looks very unusual when you combine shorts with boots or sneakers.


Rough sneakers break classic outfits

Dad wore chunky sneakers for gardening and repairing the bike. Today they are styled in the Ugly sneaker trend, which means the most eye-catching part of the wardrobe is the eye-catching sneaker. Gladly bright white or with conspicuous seams and really thick sole. He is worn neither to jogging pants nor to the just as hip track pants. Ugly sneakers are not part of the Athletic looks, but are combined into casual jeans with Blazer. The style break makes it!


Athletic looks are also suitable for everyday use outside the gym.

Any part of the sportswear may be combined with other elements of the wardrobe as long as you combine them. In the tracksuit you go at most to get bread rolls, but not in the office or in the restaurant. A retro part will pep up classic shorts or long pants. The look should never be negligent and rotten. At second glance, it must be clear to everyone that the training jacket under the blazer was chosen not out of laziness but out of style.



It stays checkered

check shirts should remain a favorite piece in the closet. AM best in the tartan pattern, so checkered red-black-green. The material may be a light cotton or a stronger flannel. At will