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On the date on which we are if there is still someone who has not been able to go on vacation, surely he is already desperate to take those longed for days and get away from the routine. The problem comes when deciding the place and the budget that we want to spend, because as the day of our departure approaches the prices rise without stopping. That is why it is necessary to make a list of the main priorities and requirements that our holiday search should have, so that afterwards we do not take surprises and find our perfect destination in that way. Incredible as it may seem, today we can still find enough travel offers for this summer.
First of all we have to be clear about the days that we can be on vacation , in order to organize ourselves , and based on those days.

If we do not care about the destination or we do not have it clear, we tend to go crazy trying to find good prices that do not ruin us and are really worth it. That is why, often, the best decision is usually to consider months before the destination we want to visit . Most of us take the opportunity to travel to other countries, so it is necessary to follow some guidelines so that the holidays do not go up in price.

Find cheap flights

First, we must be clear that depending on the country we will have to buy the flight several weeks in advance and with some destinations, this goes back months before . For example, the Madrid-New York route must be reserved 8 weeks before, but the Madrid-Rome route must be made up to 16 weeks before to find the lowest price. That is why numerous flight search engines have emerged, one of the most popular in recent times Skyscanner , because it offers the option to look at what is the cheapest month as well as a comparative of companies so you can choose the option that best suits you. adapt to you

Still there are many options to find the best offer, such as subscribing to airline newsletters , as these often send exclusive offers or discounts that only those who are subscribed can enjoy. Of course, sometimes buying a round trip ticket separately also helps save money as well as erase cookies , as airlines look at existing traffic on each of their flights and tend to increase the price considerably. .

Search for the best hotel

There is no perfect hotel but each one of us has an ideal one for each of our requirements, which is why the search for the hotel ends up becoming one of the biggest headaches. There are thousands of accommodations so, unless we are very lucky, we will have to search in depth in each search engine since, depending on the page in question, the price of the hotel will be more expensive or lower. With few exceptions, do not go directly to the official website of the hotel because the price will be considerably higher. For example, look at one of the search engines and a hotel in the center of Rome you get for € 500, but now look at another page and you find that the same hotel is € 100 cheaper, even on this last page the Offer include more supplements than in the first. It all comes down to conscientiously inquiring and knowing how to choose.

Flight + Hotel

Often the best way to find real offers for our vacation is through the various search engines that offer the possibility of saving a lot of money by choosing together the flight plus the hotel . This is one of the best options because the flight and the hotel that they present are not definitive, but they give you the possibility that you can choose between the different schedules and companies when referring to flights, and the same happens with the hotels because They allow you to change and select the hotel that you like the most. All this without producing significant changes in the final price.

There are also other different options proposed by search engines which make available to travelers circuits in different countries such as the United States, Estonia, Greece , and even as exotic places as Cape Verde, Mauritius and Maldives . The good thing about these options is that they usually include visits to several cities as well as hotels, all flights, travel insurance and many times several different excursions. Although it may seem otherwise, in most cases, the prices of these circuits are quite good and more accessible than booking only hotel and flight.

As you have seen, the most important thing when traveling without spending excessive money is to investigate Surely you take a long time and I take away several hours of free time, but almost certainly it will be worth it.