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December 28, 2018 Fashion

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Not all presents together yet? A quick glance at the calendar reveals that from today it only takes twelve days until Christmas. Most of us have done at most half of all errands, which is why the pressure increases slowly. Not so easy to find new, original gifts for the favorite people every year to the feast.

We make lists, write notes, listen, consciously, spontaneously or hastily decide everything to find the right idea and all the chaos will only come to an end when the presents are nicely packaged under the tree. But do not panic there is still enough time to find something really beautiful.

A nice variation to present simple presents are gift sets . Here, a core piece is complemented by thematically fitting parts, similar to the classic gift basket just without the basket and the cheap film. What does not sound spectacular at first can develop into a personal gift as a set.

In the following we have compiled some magical sets as inspiration. All products you can easily get in the department store or drugstore around the corner or conveniently order online. Retailers like Amazon can even provide packaging services for all who have two left hands, right up to the last minute.


Beautysets are the perfect solution for gift muffle. They can be quickly put together in any size and price range for any occasion and they are by no means just for women. If you put the set under a theme, it gives the gift a wonderfully individual touch.
With a view to the party season, nail polish, eyeshadow palette and beauty case were combined for the grand entrance “Time for Glamor”, so to speak. Of course it would also be possible to “Together, everything is much nicer” or “Smile and Relax” sets, there are no limits to the imagination.

If you only wanted to give a boring hat, you can easily revise your idea with hairstyling products. Color spray and styling foam ensure good-hair moments and the bright cap saves every bath-hair-day.

Headphones & Pillows

With this gift you can make almost everyone happy. Earphones have long since replaced the tiny earplugs. Their sound is many times better, in the long run they are more comfortable and they are available in the best designs and colors to buy.
Here, the rose gold Beats Solo3 * was paired with a noble cushion alternatively, it could also have been a shirt of the favorite band.
Glamor meets technology. For fashionistas, there are the headphones in the luxurious Balmain x Beats Special Edition in two different shades of Khaki and Urban Safari . We have never heard music so stylish.

Notebook & Pen

In times of our fast-paced digital world, characterized by keyboard clicks and voice messages, most have lost the sense of the sensual moments of writing. An artfully designed notebook and a high-quality pen can arouse the desire for paper again.
The set is also perfect as a worry-free package, which is quickly at hand when spontaneous invitation. For even though giving is sometimes just a gesture, the moment should be a pleasure for both the giver and the recipient.

Fitness tracker & cap

Finally, a tip for the young savages. Even for the offspring it does not always have to be toys. With small technical gadgets you can also score points. In this case, the choice fell on a fitness tracker and combined with a cap in a similar pattern.