Healthy Baby Food

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How do you ensure healthy baby food? For all parents certainly one of the very special moment: your child is eating solid food for the first time! But that also means that now the time of the mash and purees has begun. And in the shops there are enough baby food with which you can spoil the little ones. But what is super healthy? And what do you have to look for if you want your child to eat healthy foods? Dokteronline.com has some tips for you!

Glass or no glass?
From the fourth month you can get used to the toddler to the solid food. First of all, this will be limited to tasting snacks so that the child can get used to the solid food and the flavors. From the 8th month then the right work starts. From this moment on, feeding replaces (in part) the feeding with the vial. Since your child can not chew so well in the first few months, a pureed porridge is the best choice. Of course, the porridge can be a finished product. In Germany, there are strict laws that ensure that baby food contains healthy ingredients. But nevertheless it is recommended to prepare the food fresh. That has some good reasons.

The baby food that can be bought in a glass is pasteurized: the contents are heated for a short time so that they can be stored longer. Even if baby food does not suffer too much damage, it can still lead to vitamin loss. In addition, there may be loss of taste and texture compared to freshly prepared baby food. Just try it yourself and compare the taste of the finished product and a freshly prepared portion. You will taste the difference. It is better for your child to be able to taste the natural flavors right from the start. Because if your child gets too used to the finished products, then it may be harder for him / her to get used to the freshly prepared food later on.

Prepare your own healthy baby food
Preparing the food for your baby has some advantages:

You decide what your child eats. No standard “08/15” pulp anymore. Would you like to combine celery with beetroot? Or roots with bananas? No problem!
Your child will only be given fresh products that are not pasteurized, sterilized or otherwise contaminated without your knowledge.
It is cheaper! The only thing you need is a pan, a blender and fresh products.
Do not you feel like standing around the stove every day to prepare fresh food for your child? Then just cook a bit more while cooking and get yourself a supply. All you have to do is get the prepared food out of the fridge, warm it up and you’re done.

What is allowed, what not?
Would you like to cook a healthy meal for your baby? Then you should consider some things for a healthy baby food! For children aged 4 months to 1 year, the following information applies:

Do not give your child honey to eat raw fish, meat or dairy products, smoked fish or raw eggs. These products can contain bacteria which can make your child ill.
Do not give your child any liverwurst or just a small amount once a week. These products contain too much vitamin A for babies.
Always ensure good hygiene when preparing the meal for your baby.

Best Travel Deals

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On the date on which we are if there is still someone who has not been able to go on vacation, surely he is already desperate to take those longed for days and get away from the routine. The problem comes when deciding the place and the budget that we want to spend, because as the day of our departure approaches the prices rise without stopping. That is why it is necessary to make a list of the main priorities and requirements that our holiday search should have, so that afterwards we do not take surprises and find our perfect destination in that way. Incredible as it may seem, today we can still find enough travel offers for this summer.
First of all we have to be clear about the days that we can be on vacation , in order to organize ourselves , and based on those days.

If we do not care about the destination or we do not have it clear, we tend to go crazy trying to find good prices that do not ruin us and are really worth it. That is why, often, the best decision is usually to consider months before the destination we want to visit . Most of us take the opportunity to travel to other countries, so it is necessary to follow some guidelines so that the holidays do not go up in price.

Find cheap flights

First, we must be clear that depending on the country we will have to buy the flight several weeks in advance and with some destinations, this goes back months before . For example, the Madrid-New York route must be reserved 8 weeks before, but the Madrid-Rome route must be made up to 16 weeks before to find the lowest price. That is why numerous flight search engines have emerged, one of the most popular in recent times Skyscanner , because it offers the option to look at what is the cheapest month as well as a comparative of companies so you can choose the option that best suits you. adapt to you

Still there are many options to find the best offer, such as subscribing to airline newsletters , as these often send exclusive offers or discounts that only those who are subscribed can enjoy. Of course, sometimes buying a round trip ticket separately also helps save money as well as erase cookies , as airlines look at existing traffic on each of their flights and tend to increase the price considerably. .

Search for the best hotel

There is no perfect hotel but each one of us has an ideal one for each of our requirements, which is why the search for the hotel ends up becoming one of the biggest headaches. There are thousands of accommodations so, unless we are very lucky, we will have to search in depth in each search engine since, depending on the page in question, the price of the hotel will be more expensive or lower. With few exceptions, do not go directly to the official website of the hotel because the price will be considerably higher. For example, look at one of the search engines and a hotel in the center of Rome you get for € 500, but now look at another page and you find that the same hotel is € 100 cheaper, even on this last page the Offer include more supplements than in the first. It all comes down to conscientiously inquiring and knowing how to choose.

Flight + Hotel

Often the best way to find real offers for our vacation is through the various search engines that offer the possibility of saving a lot of money by choosing together the flight plus the hotel . This is one of the best options because the flight and the hotel that they present are not definitive, but they give you the possibility that you can choose between the different schedules and companies when referring to flights, and the same happens with the hotels because They allow you to change and select the hotel that you like the most. All this without producing significant changes in the final price.

There are also other different options proposed by search engines which make available to travelers circuits in different countries such as the United States, Estonia, Greece , and even as exotic places as Cape Verde, Mauritius and Maldives . The good thing about these options is that they usually include visits to several cities as well as hotels, all flights, travel insurance and many times several different excursions. Although it may seem otherwise, in most cases, the prices of these circuits are quite good and more accessible than booking only hotel and flight.

As you have seen, the most important thing when traveling without spending excessive money is to investigate Surely you take a long time and I take away several hours of free time, but almost certainly it will be worth it.

Curry chicken with rice preparation

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So u are looking for a healthy, delicious and high protein fitness meal? Then I’ll introduce you here to one of my best fitness recipes: curry chicken with rice and peanuts ! This meal is very easy to cook and so tasty that you might think it is a cheat meal! All information on the nutritional values, ingredients and the preparatios

Of course, healthy fatty acids should not be missing in a full meal . The unsalted peanuts from ültje are the perfect supplier! Peanuts, however, also contain a good portion of magnesium, proteins and potassium and, incidentally, should also lower cholesterol levels .

The many vegetables that can be added to this meal at will, the vitamins, minerals and trace elements are not too short! At the same time, the sharpness of the curry paste stimulates the metabolism.

Curry chicken with rice and peanuts is one of the tastiest and best meals for muscle growth and regeneration ! Not for nothing is the classic chicken with rice one of the most popular meals in bodybuilding and weight training!

Ingredients – Curry Chicken Recipe with Rice and Peanuts
To make this delicious fitness recipe easy and quick to cook, you need the following ingredients. The quantities are sufficient for 2 portions:

300g chicken meat
100g basmati rice
60g peanuts
350ml coconut milk light
2 tablespoons of peanut oil
2 tablespoons red curry paste
150g champignon
1 whole pepper
1 whole onion
120g bamboo shoots
coriander powder
curry powder
Curry chicken with rice ingredients

Easy and fast preparation in 6 steps
1. Cook the rice
Since it takes a while we have to cook the rice at the beginning. I used the very healthy Basmati rice for this fitness recipe. Here you can also choose a different kind of rice.

For the preparation, I have a cup of rice (100g) and two cups of water in a small saucepan at medium temperature and a little salt. The rice should now simmer until the water is completely absorbed.

2. Roast the chicken
In the next step, we roast the chicken breast fillet. We put two tablespoons of peanut oil (alternatively coconut oil) in a large frying pan or even better, in a wok . The chicken meat is first cut into small pieces and can be seasoned with a little salt and pepper. At medium temperature we roast the meat until it is completely cooked through.

3. The vegetable mix
Now put the fried chicken on the side and put our vegetable mixture in the pan. For this I cut a whole onion, a red pepper and 150g mushrooms in rough pieces. I also used bamboo shoots for this recipe. Then the vegetables are sautéed at high temperature and mixed with a wooden spoon over and over again.

Curry chicken preparation

4. Add coconut milk and curry paste
If the vegetables are sauteed but still firm, then it’s time to pour the vegetables with coconut milk. Also, we now add two tablespoons of curry paste. Anyone who wants to can refine this recipe with some coriander and curry powder. At medium temperature, the whole thing is now heated and boiled.

5. Add chicken meat
After a few minutes, we add the chicken and let it cook for a while as well. Do not forget to stir again and again!

6. Serving and serving
If everything is well cooked, we can arrange the curry chicken on a plate together with the rice. For the crunchy something we give a handful of peanuts on the court. Now our curry chicken is finished with rice and peanuts and can be served!

Curry chicken with rice preparation

Curry chicken with rice and peanuts – these are the nutritional values ??per serving
Protein: 50g
Carbohydrates: 55g
Fat: 37g
Calories: about 740 Kcal per serving

Tip at the end
For all hobby chefs who want to enjoy this meal a bit sharper , I recommend adding some chilli to the list of ingredients. Also with the curry paste you can experiment between mild (yellow curry paste) and very spicy (green curry paste).

Vegetarians and even vegans can also benefit from this fitness recipe . Easy to use instead of chicken, potatoes or tofu. Tastes also very delicious and still delivers a decent portion of proteins for muscle growth!

Good and Cheap Restaurants in Chicago.

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Chicago, the city of the wind, skyscrapers and pizza that
looks more like a cake than anything else. And how rich it
is! In previous episodes (ains, I always wanted to write)
we tell you everything you can see and do in Chicago ,
today it’s time to talk about where to put on a couple of
kilos. Yes: I am going to tell you 10 restaurants where to
eat in Chicago (good and cheap) . And of course I am going
to reveal where to eat the best pizzas in Chicago … it
would be more

1. Portillo’s Hot Dog
It is one of the most mythical places in the city, where,
according to locals and tourists, they eat the best hot
dogs in Chicago . Come on, if you come here, pass on all
the other things in the letter and ask for a hot dog
(prices between $ 3 and $ 5). The original ($ 3) carries
sausage, mustard, onion, cucumbers, salt and pepper

2. Billy Goat Tavern
I arrived here after having read that the Billy Goat Tavern
is a legendary club in Chicago , with a very interesting
history , and I do not know, I was the only customers but
it was a bit strange. The small venue shares space with a
pub of these that has a thousand televisions with greyhound
races and baseball games. I already told you it was weird
(then I discovered that there are several locations hehe).
Of course, the hamburger that I ate was very rich. The
cheesburguer costs about $ 4 and if you want to accompany
it with a coke or a drink of your choice you will only
have to pay another 4-6 $.

3. Antique Taco
One thing is clear: Illinois is not New Mexico or
California, but that does not mean that it is impossible to
find good and authentic Mexican food . In fact, Antique
Taco, always comes out in the lists of the best tacos in
the United States and the reason is that they are

4. Lou Mitchell’s
It’s probably the most famous breakfast place in the city
and many people who start on Route 66 (which leaves right
from Chicago) opens that adventure by trying their huge
tortillas, their pancakes or their waffles (if you dare
with the sweet-salty mix test the waffel with chicken, 12 $
aprox). But not only breakfast lives Lou Mitchell’s, if you
want to stick a good meal, your letter is quite extensive
(with daily dishes included).

5. Chi Coffee
If you are a great lover of Asian food , you will love this
place. It is genuine and with an immense and cheap letter.
It specializes in Chinese dishes, but also has winks to
other cuisines of Asia (there are for example satay, Thai
style fried rice …). The prices are very good : the meat
dishes are around $ 10 ($ 5 if you get a plate of rice and
meat), the first ones (rice, noodles, soups) also $ 10 and
the entrees do not exceed $ 4-7. .

The Halal Guys
I discovered this restaurant in New York (actually I ate
there in a street stall) and I liked this Middle Eastern
food so much that I kept looking for it all over the United
States and you’re in luck! in Chicago there are several
(both restaurants and food trucks). The best thing is to
get the rice dish with meat and sauce , it’s death, I
promise ($ 8.99). And it’s so big, that if you’re not too
hungry, you can share between 2 (or what’s left over, it’s
worth for dinner).

The Chicago Dinner
A proposal for vegetarian friends , vegans and for
everyone, that after so much meatiness always good to eat
something different. Or something similar … but totally
meat-free, like for example their famous seitan wings with
Thai chili sauce ($ 10), or a fake meat kebab (made with
seitan), or a hamburger like Buddha’s Karma, They make with
a sweet potato burger, tofu and curry, pineapple, lettuce,
onion and chimichurri sauce ($ 12). Come on, the menu is
very extensive and you will surely find more than something
that will make your mouth water!

Giordano’s Pizza
It is possibly the best known pizzeria in the city, but do
not be fooled: the authentic Chicago pizza was invented at
Pizzeria Uno . But it does not matter: here they do it
divinely. My advice is to come at lunch time, when there is
a good, nice and cheap lunch menu , where for $ 8.65 you
have a first one (obviously, ask for the individual pizza)
and a companion (potatoes, salads or Soup). Believe us: the
individual pizza looks small but I couldn’t finish it. The
only bad thing is that it is such a busy place that there
is almost always a queue (you have to sign up on the
waiting list and they call you, I had to wait about half an

Reduce Stress and Gain Muscles

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Stress in everyday life? In this article, I want to address this very topic and make you think a bit. I will also speak of my personal experiences. In the end, this article will help you, as well as you can reduce stress and thus accelerate the regeneration and muscle growth, so let’s start!

It was a very stressful and depressing time, both professionally and privately. Everyone wanted something from me and I was under constant pressure. The more I worked, the less progress was made – at least that was my subjective feeling.

When building muscle, nothing happened. Although I trained hard 3 times a week, and I ate plenty of protein and a healthy diet the rest of the day , I followed my physical form rather than improving it.

What was main problem?
By chance, I met someone who had been through the same one before. I told him about my situation and he made me aware of some things that I would never have recognized myself!

In this day and age, it’s all about delivering performance . Work best 50-60 hours a week, do sports, be there for friends and family and the rest must also somehow be done. How to do it does not matter, the main thing is to work!

What is left behind is your own needs and your own body feeling. The feeling of listening to his body when it stops. Nowadays, aches and pains in physiotherapy are resolved and headaches are treated with aspirin. The original problem is ignored!

However, if our body is under constant stress, it is looking for a valve to reduce stress! This often causes pain and other physical symptoms quite subconsciously.

We just can not find any inner peace anymore and that’s exactly what my problem was! I realized that as much as I ate, my body simply could not properly absorb and utilize the food. My sleep was disturbed and so I did not build muscle anymore!

Relieving stress – these 7 steps brought me back on track
I revised my complete everyday life. The following points were changed:

First and foremost, I broke free of everything that had a negative impact on me. These were both small things and larger ones, such as a job change.
I increased my sleep time from 6 to 8 hours.
I take more time for my breakfast now.
The private and social sphere is just as important to me as the professional one!
Regular sauna sessions or even relaxing in the relaxation room after training are no longer a rarity.
I often treat myself in between a healthy snack, such as a whey protein shake or a big apple.
I try to enjoy the beautiful things in life much more intense and enjoy than before.

What were the consequences of change?
Of course, things did not get better overnight, but over time the results were very clear:

I have become calmer inside and am relaxed even in difficult situations.
My energy came back slowly and I felt fitter week by week.
I got more hungry again and I now like to eat a lot again.
For the first time in weeks I was able to increase the weights in training!
I kept steadily increasing and building muscle again.
In the morning I felt well again and I was not tired during the day.
I was able to concentrate better at work and was thus more focused.

Never underestimate your mental state! If your body and your mental strength out of balance, this can have very serious consequences on your muscle. Also you will thereby injury-prone.

Many gyms offer recreation and relaxation areas to relieve stress. Take advantage of these great opportunities and give you and your body sometimes times a break. Your body will thank you with more strength, energy and muscle gains!

Los Angeles Travel Guide

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Years (without exaggeration) that I plan to write a city guide on Los Angeles: after having lived a few months in USA, I always share with great pleasure my “tips” and good addresses with people who have the chance to Traveling there and my inbox is full of personalized mini guides to California and its surroundings. In order to make you enjoy it, I embark on the project to transcribe everything here, hoping that my advice will help you in the preparation of your trip or make you want to discover this fabulous region.

We start today with Los Angeles, my city of hearts! One of the first things to know about this “City of Stars” Tentacular, superficial, disproportionate, inhuman, not worth the detour etc. the tour guides do not often give the best deal with San Francisco, the Golden State’s flagship city. Today, trend requires, it regains little by little its attractiveness but many still choose to skipper the stage during a journey in the American West. Here are my essentials (non-exhaustive list), hoping to give you the urge to tame LA the elusive.


Going to watch a sunset over the city at the Griffith Observatory is certainly part of what I love most about Los Angeles and I really invite you to do it. We understand its incredible extent when the lights of the city are lit as far as the eye can see, the view is breathtaking. The interior of the observatory is also worth visiting, you will find the famous Foucault pendulum and the planetarium, theater of this memorable scene of La La Land .

Note: The Griffith Park has a lot of hiking and biking trails, although partially landscaped is a pretty wild place where it is not uncommon to meet small coyotes, keep your eyes open!


Impossible to visit Los Angeles without walking the famous Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard, in pursuit of the stars of your favorite stars. Stop by the Grauman’s Chinese Theater for a few moments: beyond the curious architecture of the building, you can admire the footprints left by the big movie in the concrete slabs that make up its esplanade. A little further, the Hollywood / Highland open-air shopping center offers a beautiful view of the Hollywood sign. For La La Land fans, head to the Hollywood / Wilcox junction to see the impressive mural “You are the star”

Note: Although international symbol of glamor, Hollywood is not the prettiest neighborhood in Los Angeles, the east of the boulevard is not very popular past a certain time.


Visible from far away, I am hardly visible very closely, I am I am? The Hollywood Sign! Going looking for it is a real adventure because no indication will reveal its location (and it’s done on purpose!), The opportunity to discover pretty little streets trying to get as close as possible to get the photo that everything the world will envy you.


Not to be missed under any circumstances: Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s certainly a budget ($ 120 a day by taking a ticket at the time I speak to you) but it’s an investment you will not regret. All the attractions are worth a visit, my favorites are those of Jurassic Park (which cost more to realize than the film, I let you imagine the level), the Simpsons (a roller coaster in 3D more real than life), the show Waterworld (refreshing in summer, do not put yourself in the front row if you want to stay dry) and the famous Studio Tour that immerses you in the sets and behind the scenes of our cult movies and series. The new world dedicated to Harry Potter has just been inaugurated after several years of work, I can not wait to find out.

Note: arrive at the opening of the park and do not start the attractions of the Lower Lot will be less assaulted. In the little train of the Studio Tour try to climb last to stay on the left, this is where we enjoy the most of the visit.


Go out and enjoy the fresh air of the Pacific by walking the Ocean Front Walk that connects Venice Beach to Santa Monica, you can rent bicycles unless you prefer to put on skates to play the game thoroughly. To see in Venice Beach: Muscle Beach the improbable center of outdoor bodybuilding, acrobatic skate spots, streetball courts, stalls of all kinds of trinkets and intriguing “clinics to weed”. To see in Santa Monica: the very famous “Pier” end point of route 66 and its permanent carnival but also the Third Street Promenade, a pedestrian street that will delight shopaholics.


A soothing walk contrasting with the madness of Venice Beach: the canals of Venice are conducive to rest and especially to the dream, because it is easy to imagine owning the beautiful houses that line the water. Not far away, Abbot Kinney Boulevard is packed with trendy shops, bars, and restaurants – California’s hipster paradise.


A little further north is Malibu where you can find the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles. I prefer to disappoint you in advance: do not expect to see a small blue cabin or pretty blonde in red jersey because a priori, the famous series of the 90s was rather turned to Venice than to Malibu. Jokes aside, the landscapes are wild and natural, stop watching the surfers at sunset on Topanga Beach or spend the afternoon between the rocks of El Matador Beach. If you feel like it, go a little further to the Villa Getty which deserves to be visited!

To know: although the Pacific coast enjoys a radiant climate, the water is not hot at all, it will take you a lot of courage to swim!


In recent years, the business district of Los Angeles is undergoing restructuring, the population is gradually returning to live there and we see blooming lofts and luxury residences. To do if you have a day to fill but not essential: see Angels Flight, a small funicular that should reopen by September 2017, contemplate the beautiful Walt Disney Concert Hall, see a match at the Staples Center and go up to the lounge bar. the Westin Bonaventure Hotel, whose platform turns 360 °, offering a breathtaking view of the skyline. Not far from Downtown, you can stop on Caroll Ave, a street full of pretty Victorian houses that you will certainly have already seen on your screens: among others the famous pink house of the Halliwell sisters in Charmed (we have the references deserved)


Do not forget to take a quick hike through the neighborhood to the world’s most famous postcode for a stroll on Rodeo Drive. As for the Hollywood Sign, I advise you to ride randomly in the hills to see through the open portals or bushes scandalous villas that have made the glory of the neighborhood!

Note: you will certainly be alpacued by sellers of “Stars Tours” or “Stars Maps” that will offer you to get a closer look at the homes of your favorite celebrities. Apart from the walls and surveillance cameras, you will not see much, better go on its way!


It ends with my favorite neighborhood, but I’m not very objective because that’s where we lived: Miracle Mile. I recommend you visit the Farmers Market (see below “Where to eat?”) And The Grove open-air shopping center which brings together shops, cinemas and restaurants in a very “Disneyland” setting. Not far, you will meet the famous LACMA and its very photogenic alley of lampposts as well as the astonishing LaBrea Tar Pits: a natural asphalt deposit that has preserved a lot of fossils that can now be found in the adjoining museum.

Thinking While Running

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I love my long runs on Sunday! In the past, I never left home without an iPod and a motivating playlist. Later it was then an audiobook on the smartphone (often a thriller, sometimes a biography). And recently I run without distracting sound.

Thoughts are free
Nowadays, I am looking for routes away from civilization, where there is no traffic to watch out for. And where I am completely undisturbed myself. There I release my thoughts. Without being distracted by a ringing phone, incoming emails, or people in my immediate vicinity. Fantastic!

For the first few meters, I always have questions that are connected with my work. Understandable, if you know that I have already spent a few hours on the computer before running to do any things for the company …

Okay, at this point I hear many a cry:

Working on Sunday? That does not work!
Yes, yes, that is, if you start a startup, like me, it is unusual or impossible to work only from Monday to Friday. At least in the first years. A startup is like a baby of your own, to take care of around the clock. And most of the time it does not feel like work.

So I run and hang in my thoughts at work. But I get distracted: suddenly flashes of lightning flash through my head: What was that just for a strange crack in my right knee? Why do I have to pee again now? My thoughts fly wildly together!

After half an hour, the thunderstorm finally disappears. I am now at operating temperature. The pulse has calmed down by 25 bpm and has reached the green of 145 beats per minute. So I can go on for hours. I barely feel my body. It’s like someone turned on the autopilot. Is that this famous “flow”? I do not know…

Then, however, it happens on a regular basis that I deviate from the solution and go into thinking constructs that have nothing at all to do with the original questions. Like today. I thought that here:

The cloud thought archive
How cool would it be if all my thoughts are not just buzzing around in my head, but are also automatically uploaded to a cloud, where they are stored permanently until I delete them?

How fantastic would it be if, after taking a shower, I sit down fresh and rested at the computer, open an editor – and zack: all my thoughts are already there! Instead of being starred at by this huge, empty WordPress editor, there would be all the text modules I’ve come up with on the go.

Instead of spending another few hours typing everything I’ve thought of for hours before, I’d just have to sort and edit the text. And would I never forget something that came to my mind on the way? The cloud would have archived it for me.

Cool, right? Who knows: maybe we will even experience that something like this is invented. It would not surprise me. And I would certainly be one of the first customers to use such a service.

But until that happens, I just have to take notes after running, so as not to forget anything. And as for the answers to the questions above about my work, I guess I have to go again: the idea around the cloud thought archive this time has devoured the entire running-thinking time.

If you let your brain work while running, you are doing something for the mind and the body at the same time. And I do not think it’s harmful if sometimes only crazy ideas arise. It was finally enough for this blog post. And I do not even think so stupid.

If you have been thinking for some time (or just being inspired) to do a yoga retreat: Do it! If not now then when? It does not always have to be the classic 7-day in a secluded place with only yoga and meditation. (Although such retreats are also incredibly exciting and rewarding!) There are so many different trips where there is something for everyone. I booked my trip through Yogatravel & Beyond , which offers a lot of different options in different countries and among other things on the 14th of July in Munich the Yogacircus with organize – that has already been determined as a revival of our group! Maybe for one or the other something for you.

Yoga and Daily life

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If anyone asks me what shaped me the most in 2017, then I can answer with “Yoga!” Without much thought. Of course, I’ve also done a yoga class every now and then, but not at all in the form and extent that I’ve been doing since last year. I can not say exactly what made me to roll out my yoga mat almost every day and spend 30 minutes just working with me and my mat. Was it the separation, was it the stress in the job or just the love for the cause itself? Maybe a combination of everything …

In the meantime, it is true that I feel physically as well as mentally if, for some reason, I am unable to complete my yoga session in the morning. I am tired, irritable and at the same time my body feels stiffer somehow. The 30 minutes in the morning really make a crazy difference: the whole body is stretched, the muscles are activated, the head comes to rest, thoughts are sorted and the day starts off completely relaxed and at the same time fully activated. At home I make my favorite playlist with rather unconventional yoga songs and do different exercises, which can best be described as “power yoga”. Even though I like doing breathing exercises, meditation sessions and so on in yoga studios from time to time, in the morning and for myself, I do not really have the urge to do it. I vary the exercises, hold and / or repeat them more times, depending on what feels good to me and how my body reacts.

Only with additional units that I do either in yoga classes with a teacher or alone, I try to integrate new exercises or advanced versions. For example, I never practice the headstand, handstand, and bridge in the morning, knowing that I would be frustrated if I did not progress, and did not have enough time to really focus on the individual exercises. In the afternoons or evenings, I sometimes spend hours concentrating on just one exercise and working on it: stretching, building strength and balance.

In addition to the typical locations for yoga I love to do yoga in special places. On vacation at sunset on the beach, on the rooftop terrace of my hotel in a foreign city or just at my favorite places in Munich. Get up early in the morning to start the day with sun salutations at the Garden during the sunrise? Absolutely! Grab your best friend to work hand-held live.
As I type these lines, I realize how big the impact of actually just a few “simple” exercises on my life is.. I think I found “my” sport for the time being: A sport that makes me so extremely happy, happy, stronger and more self-confident. I think it’s great that I really can combine them with all other sports (currently I still run regularly and make high intensity units like boxes), practice anywhere and vary completely in the designs. I’m really looking forward.

Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

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The ultimate playlist of the 200+ best songs for your road trip

Here it is: the ultimate playlist of over 200 songs for your road trip! And hopefully it will grow steadily. Please give us more ideas and suggestions to expand the playlist.

Sing along until the doctor comes
We love to sing along to songs in the car, squirming, making faces, rumbling and freaking out until tears run down and the laughter muscles hurt. In between, however, there must also be songs in which we can just switch off to sink in thought. Sometimes, just to humming or falling asleep as a passenger.

The perfect song mix
The playlist is a colorful mix of tens of decades of music genres. From the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s to today. With new songs, classics, evergreens and some songs that you may not even know. Also songs that we should actually be embarrassed.

From electro, indie, rock, hip hop, vocals to charts everything is just there. By the way, some songs are not meant to be serious, but rather serve as laughs in between (see Sash! Or NSYNC).

We also combine some songs with our trip around the world . For example, we heard Macklemore or Hey Brother permanently on the radio on our road trips through New Zealand and Australia . That’s where certain memories come to life in our heads.

Our # 1 hit forever and ever
500 Miles from The Proclaimers is a song we MUST hear every now and then. We always remember the series “How I met your mother”. We always think back to this scene and have to laugh.

Caro also worked in an Irish pub and of course the song always went up and down.

I am a bad passenger
I do not know about you, but I can rarely finish a song. There are just too many great songs and sometimes I spool to certain parts of the song or just swish the songs through until I find the right song for the situation. And Caro can therefore relax on a regular basis. Bad, I know. But I can not help it.

Sorry for some songs
I know the playlist is sometimes a wild mix of music genres and for some songs we should be ashamed. But not to lose the dignity is one thing said: what certainly is not going to happen is that a song by Nickelback or David Guetta will end up in it. Swear. Taylor Swift is embarrassing enough.

Have fun with the playlist
I hope you have as much fun and entertainment as we do with the playlist, and you can enjoy it as much as we can. For some songs, you can also switch off as a passenger or in the back seat, take a nap or hum softly to yourself.

In any case, we wish you a lot of fun with it!

PS: We have a playlist for Youtube and one for Amazon Prime Music . Sometimes there are songs on Amazon only with Amazon Music Unlimited . But we only have the standard account . There are other songs for that. Both playlists are almost similar. The sorting is different.

Did you actually know …
… that renting a car can be cheaper than buying a car? While you’re on your road trip, let’s go through the following figures:

Auto Europe interviewed 4,000 drivers about their upkeep and driving behavior. It has come out that motorists spend in their life on average a total of 222,144 euros for their car! That’s the madness!

The numbers are made up of repairs, fuel, parking, taxes, fees, insurance and and and.

Fun Facts
On average, drivers also eat 5756 sandwiches , 2187 burgers and 7783 cups of coffee in their lifetime. They also honk 2728 times and wash their car 2495 times ! Quite a lot of fuss about such a car. At least they kiss it 9009 times to say goodbye .

Why Travel to Sweden?

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Sweden isn’t just some tiny nation in the northern reaches of Europe. Geographically speaking, it’s huge: the distance between Sweden’s southern tip and Lapland’s far north is longer than the distance between London and Rome.

As you might expect, given the sheer size of the place, the country’s landscapes are wild and diverse, taking in everything from rolling green countryside to dense forests, sprawling river valleys and frozen glaciers. Despite this, most tourists (and indeed most Swedes) spend their time in the southern third of the country, which is home to the three largest cities.

Spread across a series of low islands and with an enviable location between the Baltic Sea and Lake Malaren, Stockholm is perhaps Europe’s prettiest capital city. Gothenburg, over on the west coast, is a less showy alternative with an exciting cultural scene and some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever catch sight of. Both of these big cities have unspoilt archipelagos in their backyards, with sleepy islands – many of them car-free – providing a slow-paced alternative to life in the city.

Malmo, Sweden’s third-largest city, is proudly the most diverse place in the country, with an arty vibe and plenty of cool parks, shops and museums. Nearby Lund, an enchanting city with its roots in the Viking Age, is also worth a look around. Thanks to its rich history and a lively student population, it has more to offer than many Nordic cities double the size.

Other places worth visiting in the south of Sweden include Uppsala, a cathedral city with botanical gardens and ancient burial mounds, and Sigtuna, widely thought to be Sweden’s oldest town. Its medieval centre is a charming spot for shopping and slurping coffee.

Beyond the built-up areas, rural Sweden shines. Southern areas such as Skåne are home to fields of cornflowers and poppies, while in central parts of the country shimmering lakes abound. For drivers the large population of elk can pose a real danger, but the rewards are more than worth it. Even for Swedes who have grown up around these landscapes, areas like Dalarna still hold a magical appeal – it’s not unusual for wealthy Stockholmers to have a cute red cottage in rural Sweden, which they make use of during the long summer break.

Further north you’ll find some of Sweden’s most spectacular national parks including Sarek, home to almost 100 glaciers, and Padjelanta, where you’ll spot countless wild reindeer. Settlements in and around the Arctic Circle are small, fascinating… and invariably freezing. Try Abikso, one of the best spots on Earth for watching the northern lights, or Kiruna, a mining community that’s being rebuilt in the face of an existential crisis.

You won’t be able to squeeze everything that Sweden has to offer into a single trip, but by prioritising a few main areas you’ll be able to get a good feel for the country’s many sides in a couple of short weeks. Need some help deciding? Here’s our list of the best places to visit in Sweden.

5 things not to miss in Stockholm
Gawp at the majestic 17th-century warship Vasa, which spent 333 years under water before being turned into Stockholm’s premier tourist attraction.
Get lost among the narrow lanes of Gamla Stan, and then take a wander through the subterranean Medieval Museum or the opulent Royal Palace.
Spend a night in one of the city’s kooky hotels or hostels – there’s an elegant sailing ship, an old prison and even a converted Boeing 747.
Go bar-hopping with designers, musicians and fashionistas in SoFo, the city’s coolest neighbourhood, or hit Stockholm’s markets and food carts for some of the tastiest cheap eats in Sweden, including classics like meatballs and Baltic herring.
Kick back in one of Stockholm’s neatly preened parks, or head out into the archipelago for a spot of sailing or wild swimming.

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