Best Laptops Ever

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Are you thinking of buying a new laptop but not really what to choose? We go through the best models for 2018 with a focus on work and performance.

Most people prefer a laptop that is easy to carry and does not weigh too much, which is also called Ultrabooks. We have therefore chosen to look at lightweight laptops that are suitable for work, school, film watching and of course ordinary surfing.

If you are interested in primarily playing computer games on your laptop, it is better to check out tested gaming laptops that are better suited to it. But often this means compromise on weight, battery life and higher price.

If you are tired of a bulky and slow laptop then you will find the best and fastest laptops for the 2018-2019 which are also easy to take with you. We have selected the best options with Mac OS and for Windows 10 but you get the most performance for the money with the models that come with Windows.


Asus’ most powerful laptop in one thin and smooth format is the ZenBook Pro, which was updated in 2018 with the new 8 generation Intel processors. The chassis is turned out of a block of aluminum and it is a computer that brings in very premium feeling.

This laptop comes with the Intel Core i7 8750H which is a six-core Hexa core and can execute 12 threads simultaneously with Hyper-Threading. The computer is also equipped with 16 GB of DDR4 memory, which together makes this computer very fast.

The screen is 15.6 ″ with the resolution 1920 x 1080 which means that this is a medium-sized computer that also makes it easier to work at. The resolution is good enough for the format and a way to keep costs down. However, the ZenBook Pro is available in a more expensive variant with a better processor (Intel Core i9 8950HK) and 4K screen.

In the storage path you will find an SSD connected over M.2 for lightning fast transmissions and writing. It has a space of 512 GB which should suffice for most things. There is no other hard drive in the computer but it is to be expected of laptops of this size and weight.

The Asus ZenBook Pro also comes equipped with a Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q which gives a lot of graphics performance in such a compact computer. For anyone who wants to work with video editing, heavy applications and having the opportunity to play computer games, this combines the best in a good way.

Asus Zenbook Pro ScreenPad
ScreenPad gives access to apps that can make you more efficient.
An interesting feature of the Asus ZenBook series is ScreenPad, which allows you to use the touchpad as much as just as a pointing device that replaces the mouse. It gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily access functions and supplement applications in a smooth way. The functionality is most easily demonstrated in the video below, although we think it takes a while to get used to the functions.

In conclusion, we can conclude with the Asus ZenBook being a lavish series of laptops and those who tested and known on the product are impressive. The ZenBook Pro is the models that are most powerful, have larger storage, equipped with ScreenPad and have a graphics card that actually can handle computer gaming as well.

PC for All tested laptops in 2018 and best in test was just Asus ZenBook (not Pro) who took home the victory. ZenBook Pro has received very good grades in previous years, but in 2018, it has taken a bigger step in its product range, which makes it the best laptop.

Battery: 9.5 h – Weight: 1.88 kg


Apple has long been the market leader in making both stylish, practical and good laptops. Even though the PC competitors like Dell and Asus have caught up and even passed by on many points, Apple’s MacBooks are still very good.

Apple’s MacBook Air is an affordable entry-level model and also the cheapest MacBook sold. Although it has less hard hardware than Asus and Dell in the same price range, it’s still an affordable computer and an obvious choice in the price range if you want a Mac.

This is a very small laptop that is easy to bring to and from work, but also in school or on the go. It has a screen of 13 ″ and a resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels which is more than enough for work, surf, social media and movie viewing.

Apple MacBook Air comes equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor (5350U) with two cores and can execute 4 threads simultaneously with Hyper Threading. The RAM memory consists of 8 GB which is sufficient for normal work and ordinary tasks on a computer. The disk space of 128 GB is not well established, but it is enough and you can use an external hard drive for extra storage (for example)

This is a good entry-level model, but if you look at a MacBook, you’re probably already set to play no direct games, and this model is not hardware-compatible at all with only Intel’s internal graphics circuit. It is also not a computer intended for heavier tasks and video editing and similar tasks will not feel fast. Are you looking for a more powerful model then the MacBook Pro is what you should look at.

In PC for Alla’s test in 2018, this model only got 4 out of 10 in grades. The positive was highlighted as being the only Mac OS in the price range while having a fast SSD and good ergonomics. The negative is that it starts with old hardware with low performance, dull display with outdated ports. This is certainly true, but it works well as a working computer, regular home computer and for school work. The price tag has also dropped and a re-launch of the MacBook Air would cause the price to rise again.

If you want a cheap laptop with Mac OS then this is by far the cheapest model. If you think of a laptop with Windows 10, this is not a good buy.

Battery: 12 h – Weight: 1.35 kg


Dell has a great variety of laptops but their XPS series is their most lavish series that is not completely gaming-oriented. Their XPS 13 is a model that holds very compact format, offers smart features and really nice performance.

PC for All has tested the latest model in 2018 with model designation XPS 13 9370 and can state that this is one of the best laptops in its format right now. It received the award “Good Choice” where the great positive aspects of the Dell XPS 13 are the design and how slim it is, the high performance, long battery life and that it has a really good sound in the speakers. The worse parts are the risk of reflections in the screen and that there is a little bloatware that many people will want to uninstall after purchase.

The high performance of the Dell XPS 13 is found if we look closely at the processor that is an Intel Core i5 8250U from the last (8th) generation. This is combined with 8 GB of DDR4 memory. As a storage device, we find an SSD of 256 GB of space and the graphics card is an integrated part of the processor and thus it is Intel’s UHD Graphics 620. Hardly any graphics card designed for gaming, but good enough for ordinary tasks.

One of the Dell XPS 13 major triumphs is the battery life that is up to 19 hours in low load. In practice, one can usually count off some time because it is difficult to replenish the scenarios that they tested in. But after all, this is really good for a computer in this class.

The design of the Dell XPS 13 is really stylish and looks like a professional computer. On the inside you have woven carbon fiber and on the outside it is pure silver. The compact format also makes the computer very easy to carry and the thickness is set to 199 mm.

Battery: 19 h – Weight: 1.21 kg

Healthy Foods and Fitness

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Some foods that have the reputation of being “healthy, in reality are worse for health than you can think.” Just a look:

fruits Dried fruits can be a better alternative to sweets, but that does not mean they can be consumed in unlimited quantities. they contain sugar and are full of calories, making them the maximum good for a snack or a topping for whole grains (and not those which discuss the next point).
Think only fresh fruit were about 30 -60 calories / 100 g, while dried fruits can reach 400-500!

We have also seen ourselves being promoted as granola, as well as whole grains in beautiful packaging and marketed as ideal for diets. The bad news is that the granola is loaded with fat and sugar – both proven to be responsible for the increased risk of heart attack and heart attack – and, of course, calories.

About breakfast cereals we have discussed and argued that it is not the best option for a healthy breakfast to keep our hunger under control, but if we also choose sweet and good cereals, then we are certainly talking about a dessert .

Nuts of nuts
Peanut butter is certainly healthy, but in our market it is often the sugar variant. Nuts of walnuts already have a lot of calories, because they are still made of oleaginous, so if you can limit yourself to one teaspoon, enjoy it, if not choose the walnuts in their classical, crumbly form.

Whole brussels or cakes
Most of these muffins are only made from white refined flour with added sugar, eggs and unsweetened trans fats. The simple fact that they also contain some seeds or bran, does not make them healthier with anything. They have as many calories as a regular brioche, that is, up to 400 calories, 30g of sugar and 20g of fat.

Just because they are crisp and slim, it does not make pretzels or sticks good for snacks during the day. Whether they are used or “full”, they have about 400 calories / 100g and the biggest problem is that then we start to crumble, we do not stop at a few pieces, but give up a whole bag. Cafe

with flavors
The famous cafe chains have plenty of tempting and delicious products, extremely appetizing for the eyes and for the taste buds. The problem is that all syrups and flavors that make them so hard to withstand are full of calories and in no way bring the antioxidant and nutritional benefits of a simple coffee.

Commercial glass teas
Most of the tea products we find in our stores have either sugar or honey, and the number of calories can even go up to 300, that’s exactly the same as a carbohydrate juice box.

Smoothies Bottled Smoothies, whose label can also be “organic”, may look good and taste as healthy as possible, but if we read the ingredients, we may get a little scared. Sugar is among the main ingredients, aside from the fact that if it is based on fruit juice, then the amount of fiber that would have saved the situation is also decreasing.

Rings of rice or expanded wheat
Despite how they look, light and healthy, these snacks should be eaten in moderation because they bring little benefit to the body. They have no proteins, no one knows how many fibers, maximum carbohydrates that can energize us before training. But it is true that if they have no sugar topping, they can be the basis for a healthy ingredient such as hummus or that teaspoon of peanut butter.

Fruit Juices (Fresh)
About the detoxification strains with juices I wrote, but I must mention again and on this occasion how unhealthy I consider to be “natural” juices. Only because they are from fruits do not indicate them in any way. They do not contain the fibers of the fruit from which they are made, but contain the sugar of those many fruits that we add in the composition, about 12 teaspoons of sugar to be more accurate!

Protective, energetic, “” diet bars
I’m glad to have passed this fashion of “diet” sticks with fiber, which we know to promote some of our science. Basically, a so-called protein bar contains a lot of simple and insufficient protein carbohydrates to really help us, besides having a caloric content enough to cover a whole meal.

Energy Drinks and Dietary Beverages
If we read labels, energy drinks claim to be based on ingredients such as taurine, minerals, electrolytes, plant extracts, but they actually have sugar as the main ingredient. They are indeed indicated when doing long cardio workouts, for example, to give us an energy boost, but it is not justified when we are 30 minutes on the treadmill.
As for dietetic drinks that do not contain sugar but contain artificial sweeteners, this trickery of the taste buds does not bring any benefit, or even arouses the craving for even more sweet ones.

Integrated or multicore products
Many people find it better to choose bread from wheat flour, dietetics or bread with no grain, but the truth is that most types of bread in the supermarket are made with refined cereals, have as their main ingredient white flour and probably have only some traces of something completely in them.
As I emphasize on every occasion, read the list of ingredients and make sure what you buy is what you think.
The color of bread is not a good indicator, just because it is darker, it does not mean that it is due to whole ingredients or added dyes.

Merlot juice
Just like lemon juice or lime juice, pure juice is very sour and almost impossible to drink without sweeteners, so most types found in the supermarket are full of sugar.
If you want an alternative, you can try concentrate juice or merisera syrup, just remember to read the label before.

Gluten-free products
Just because they do not contain gluten, these products do not mean they are necessarily healthier and less dietetic. They have just as many calories and other ingredients that should cause us to drink as seldom as their usual counterparts.

Some salads and dietary sauces
Just because the menu is called “salad”, that does not mean that the few leaves of rucola or lettuce will automatically make it healthy. This applies especially to salads from the restaurant, which come with croutons, oil or, if we talk about the famous salads from Taco Bell, for example, some even reach 820 calories and almost 2g of salt.
If we think that a lunch should have an average of about 400-500 calories on average, and that it would be good to limit ourselves daily to 1500g of salt, then it seems as if we do not get so much the idea of ​​taking a “salad” from a renowned chain of restaurants. And the less we should think of a small dessert, then we probably reach the daily calorie requirement.
As for the sauces, I do not think it’s a surprise to anyone that they’re full of sugar. Try adding salad spices, herbs and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as olive oil (and the one with measure) or balsamic vinegar.
The fact that we do not control the ingredients is exactly the reason why we recommend that we rather take time to cook our tables at home, at least at home.

So, as you can see, many foods can surprise us when it comes to what they contain. I did not detail much, but if you want to get to grips with everything that means healthy eating and the truth about what we eat, you can enroll in the course of Nutritionist Technician.

History of Departmental Store

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In the second half of the 19th century, the so-called Second Industrial Revolution took place in Europe. It is related to mass production, which is possible thanks to the conveyor, electric bulb, automotive, telephone, telegraph. Businesses evolve in its modern meaning – huge means of advertising, reinvestment and the pursuit of a closed cycle of production, competition and marketing aimed at widespread consumption. Until now, the center of production has been single customers, usually aristocrats or wealthy people, for whom the exclusivity of goods has been a sign of social prestige and position. In this environment, particularly striking in France and the UK, and later in the United States and Germany, there is a phenomenon that will forever change the urban society, the so-called Universal Store.

The first department store, which is different from everything before, and is close to the concept of a department store, is Bennett’s of Irongate, discovered in the far 1734 in the English city of Derby. As the English tradition demands, it still exists today. This innovative store offers for the first time a wider range of goods that can be found in small, separate shops so far. This saves at least the time for choosing and choosing, but much more. Soon his example is followed by numerous other stores because the English have a sense of profitable trade. In 1824. in the heart of Victorian England doors open Harrods – well known to this day, in those times it causes a real boom. In a large, beautiful building full of crystal chandeliers, velvet and beautiful wooden ornaments, are housed on several floors, on open stalls, unheard of abundance of goods delivered from all over the British Empire, which is in its prime. The incredible luxury and sense of exclusivity soon make the store a fashionable place for meetings and public appearance – besides personalities such as Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud, Lawrence Olivier and others, there are often mixed with the people of the royal family. Harrods reaps and unprecedented profits that are being invested in advertising, more convenience for customers, and enriching and expanding the assortment – as is the case today. The incredible luxury and sense of exclusivity soon make the store a fashionable place for meetings and public appearance – besides personalities such as Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud, Lawrence Olivier and others, there are often mixed with the people of the royal family. Harrods reaps and unprecedented profits that are being invested in advertising, more convenience for customers, and enriching and expanding the assortment – as is the case today. The incredible luxury and sense of exclusivity soon make the store a fashionable place for meetings and public appearance – besides personalities such as Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud, Lawrence Olivier and others, there are often mixed with the people of the royal family. Harrods reaps and unprecedented profits that are being invested in advertising, more convenience for customers, and enriching and expanding the assortment – as is the case today.

And if there is trade in Good Old England, the emphasis in France is on the luxury, fashion and personal attitude of each client. In 1852. little shop “Le bon marches” moved into a huge building in central Paris, designed by Gustave Eiffel. Yes, he first department store, but what impresses him, and makes it legendary, and today is the spread, which he managed and developed. Besides the usual clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, household goods and home decoration, gifts, there are offered products for baby and child, pet. Yes, this is possible in every major store, but “Le bon marches” enters the market with something new – billboards on busy central streets, advertising in newspapers, catalogs, discounts on a certain day of the week. For today’s malls, this is quite a matter of course, but for a 19th-century man this is a revolution in marketing. Every client is courted, lying to him for every little thing like wearing the shopping, taking care of the puppy or simply taking off a coat, offering a chair. The goal is to keep the client as long as possible, so after a tiring look, trial, selection, he can drink a coffee while he can hang up. For the first time entertainment is available for children and men. during which time it can engage. For the first time entertainment is available for children and men. during which time it can engage. For the first time entertainment is available for children and men.

Why for them? Because the Departmental store targets one image – the woman from the nascent middle class . It is precisely this revolution of the Departmental store – with which it permanently changes the role of the woman in society and the family.

What is it so far? The woman in the nineteenth century was adopted in the following way – emotional, pious, virtuous, submissive, committed to the family and household, sexually and morally immaculate. Its sphere of action is home, family. The world was with pants then – the men ruled the public territory, produced the food and the goods, they were in the public space. But for women, the universal store is overwhelmingly attractive – there you can shop without a child and in peace, have coffee and discuss the other clients, and without having to buy anything but get respectful attitude and annoyance. A small detail played a decisive role in the woman’s coming out of the house and her appearance in the public space – the public toilet. Until this time for the middle and upper class ladies, of course, there was no such place, it was not decent. Imagine carriage rides or shopping, soothers, and mattins in long squeezing. Well, women just could not go out for a long time. They’ve been at home. The other option was a bunch of gynecological disorders, cystitis and all kinds of urinary tract irritation, which made it even more uncomfortable to go out for more than an hour. So, in the middle of the nineteenth century, the woman dared to go out more and more frequently. And that brings with it other consequences – going to the cafes that met friends for a walk or a joint market in the Universal store where she could dive into a completely different world from the usual world, wherever they paid unimaginable attention and honor. He neglects his duties at home and demands more and more freedom and independence. No wonder men start worrying about this still unconscious emancipation. The directors of the department stores prevent a possible problem even in the germ – jealousy. Until then, most of the sales staff were male – their women were, if not forbidden, highly recommended to work. That is why, in the large department stores, almost all women were hired, except for the leadership positions that the two genders shared. The directors of the department stores prevent a possible problem even in the germ – jealousy. Until then, most of the sales staff were male – their women were, if not forbidden, highly recommended to work. That is why, in the large department stores, almost all women were hired, except for the leadership positions that the two genders shared. The directors of the department stores prevent a possible problem even in the germ – jealousy. Until then, most of the sales staff were male – their women were, if not forbidden, highly recommended to work. That is why, in the large department stores, almost all women were hired, except for the leadership positions that the two genders shared.

This is the second direction with which UDepartmental store change the place of the woman in society – turn it into a workforce, and on an unimaginable scale that can impress every manager of today’s mall. In the major stores – Harrods in the UK, Macy’s, Marble Palace in the US, Gallery Laffayette, Le Bon Marche, La Semaritaine in France, KaDeWe, Karstadt in Germany – hired from 3,000 to 10,000 people doing like bees in the huge beehive , deployed over thousands of square meters, on several floors, these were mostly young girls from the lower strata of urban society. The only advantage – a decent look, good manners and … obedience. Regardless of miserable pay, they were grateful that they were getting away from their much poorer homes and had the opportunity to touch a higher class. Often they rose in the hierarchy and even had the opportunity for marriage. But their financial independence was their most important asset. Not only the middle-class representatives, but also those of the working class, touched the public life, and the differences were gradually overcome. Because it is commonplace for regular employees to become trusted guards and even make friends.

Departmental store forever change the place and importance of the female figure in society – it becomes a more fulfilling element. The woman becomes a consumer, a market factor, she leaves her home, starts to show up and declares her presence in a very male world. On the other hand, she is independent of working and living, regardless of whether she is married or not, her primary duty is not only to attract a lucrative party and provide a decent life.


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The book plays a very important role in human life. On her pages, the history of all humanity and the development of civilization has been written. Books not only provide knowledge, but also help us at work, teach practical skills, and what is associated with it also learn logical thinking. We develop our imagination through reading. whose lack is underestimating our creativity.
Literature makes us reflect. We often think about the protagonist’s fate whether he did good or bad. Some of them are examples of our behavior and behavior in life. We read a lot, improve the way we speak, and increase the amount of words. Thanks to this, we can speak more clearly and logically.A world without books would be poor. People in the era of television and the Internet would not be able to escape into another world they like. In this world, they evaluate the hero’s fate, nothing is imposed on them what to think.
Thanks to the books, we can deepen our knowledge in every scientific field at any time. Books help us dream, and without a dream a man has nothing to strive for. Asking yourself if you can imagine a world without books, some people respond with full conviction that yes, because they have technological novelties that replace books. Others are indignant to hear that a book can be replaced because books are their lives. Some will sit comfortably in front of the TV looking for some information or browsing the Internet. Books then go to the background. Others, on the other hand, read with total commitment to the content of the book. However, I wanted to present you the meaning of the book from the perspective of the student.

There are always thoughts in my mind asking how books were made, how these ancient, wonderful books were written.
For the most intriguing of all these questions is one thing: who started the magazine and how long does it exist?
After all, this is one of the most important means of communication. what’s more, it is the only means to overcome time. evidence of these words is the oldest known to the scholars, which comes from the mid-fourth millennium BC.
The film or audio recorded on the album “hides” so writing, because after a few years people will forget about these records, because the technique is constantly changing, modernizing .Books, however, do not change, so you can always read these even 100 years ago. Asking what the ancient books looked like, people can not answer them. Only a few people saw medieval books written on parchment. Only a few know how they look going to the heart of the matter, the book itself is irreplaceable and extremely valuable to everyone even though some people do not realize it, how much.Can we imagine life without books? A person who reads a lot of books, for sure, because as you know, the book develops the imagination. However, a person who is limited to reading only the TV’s operating instructions will also have no problems with that. Life is different without books. In my case impossible. About 45% of people do not read books at all. 60% do not even buy them. Children and young people reach for books only out of necessity. Why is this happening?

The first argument encouraging parents to read books should be of interest to parents of minor children. Reading the books, we visually remember the spelling of words. For a few hours of looking at the letters, we write them in the subconscious. Thanks to this, we reduce the risk of mistakes during the school test . The problem with spelling significantly disappears.

Thanks to the knowledge contained in the book, we will better understand the world around us. Always from the book, we can learn something that we will not learn at school, and thanks to that we can show off our knowledge to our friends. Not only school books and encyclopedias, but ordinary novels have this feature. They teach solving everyday problems and dealing with troubles. And when we had a hard, tiring day, we can always make hot tea, drop a favorite plate, spread out on the couch, and, forgetting everything, forgetting everything.

It’s good that we can take the book everywhere. And although books are various (from thick tomisks to small, handy books), they are also practical. The book can be read everywhere: at a boring lecture under the bench, while driving (I do not recommend, but some bear it), on the beach, and grandma on the plot. And it will certainly fit anywhere. Because a book is not a computer that has to stay at home.

I left the most important argument at the end. A very valuable advantage of the book is what I mentioned above. Namely, the book develops the imagination. It allows you to create your own stories, write poems, or even convey related feelings to the image. We learn, in the footsteps of famous writers, to see the beauty around us that we have not noticed before. After reading the more ambitious volumes, we can reflect ourselves on the meaning of our existence, state what we really want to do in life, set goals that we will persistently strive for. The book tells us this, citing the stories of different heroes. When we are able to use the imagination, we will use it more often and escape into the world of dreams and unrealized plans. And although every person, even one who has never read a book,

After all, the book is born out of the imagination, vision and fantasy of a human being.In my opinion, it is definitely worth reading books.First of all, they shape our imagination. Authors of literature placing in their works, for example, descriptions of nature, phenomena, etc., stimulate our curiosity and help to create a better picture of the presented situations. Secondly, books enrich vocabulary through the terminology used in them, not always encountered in everyday life. Another argument for the acquisition of the ability to build longer oral statements as well as written, correct in terms of spelling and grammar. The next thing is that books do not harm your eyes as much as your computer monitor or TV screen. Books are not only a form of relaxation but also often a treasury of knowledge from various fields. They familiarize us with the history and culture of both our and other nations.
I believe that the arguments presented above confirm the thesis that it is worth reading books. I hope that they will convince other students and not only pupils to reach for this valuable and practical source of knowledge.

Full Complete Guide to Visit Florida , USA

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Before you get to Florida, you need to arrange some formalities. Fortunately, there are not many and do not pose any major complications. So if you’re not a terrorist or a moron …


For travel to the USA, and therefore to Florida, the visa requirement is a must. Fortunately, obtaining this permission is not complicated, you need to fill in the ESTA form online , where you essentially confirm that you are not a terrorist and you do not have a super mad disease that would blur the world. A few days after filling in the application, the visa was issued and completed … The application must be approved no later than 72 hours before traveling to the USA and valid for the next two years.


There is no need to vaccinate for Florida. We did not take any vaccinations themselves, but surely do not forget to arrange medical insurance and some sunscreen.

Interview with Customs Officer

It is good to mentally prepare for an interview with the customs officer before departure. This is usually done at the last airport in front of the US, and fortunately it is not a shame. The official usually just needs to check if you are able to communicate in America and if you are not, you have someone more capable with you.I felt a little like a fool, because as I have good English, I was hardly able to understand him. But that could be overcome with a nice smile. Unfortunately, the lady in front of me, who flew alone and did not speak English, had no such luck and another clerk had taken her away …

Weather in Florida

It does not matter when you go to Florida – anyway, you can not avoid the heat. We were here in September and the temperatures were around 30 degrees. Virtually every building in Florida is equipped with air conditioning, which shrinks the temperature to a cool level, which can be a bit unpleasant and here and there there is a malicious rum. Acclimatization is not that terrible, but the ubiquitous stomach is quite demanding. Fortunately, there is always an ocean where you can refresh yourself. If you venture into the forests, count on the poisonous mosquitoes that the climate proves enormously, which is consistently celebrating with continuous reproduction. Another typical of the weather in Florida are sudden storms that appear from nowhere, drenched with a dense stream of water and then disappear.

Season and off-season

During the season, the winter and spring months in Florida are considered to be warmer in Florida. On the contrary, the summer months are hot, but on the other hand there are fewer people, lower prices for accommodation and more empty beaches.

Hurricanes and tornadoes

Florida is attacked every year by hurricanes of all kinds. These are usually formed in the Gulf of Mexico or south of Florida and then merrily scramble to the north of the USA, gaining strength. The hurricane season is the strongest in September, when I went to Florida. During the stay at LAL, Hurricane Irene was born, which later devastated New York. It is good to keep track of weather and hurricane developments on local TV stations or on the web. Well, if it comes, hide. HAHAHAHAHA

Accommodation in Florida

I originally planned to spend the night in Florida under the tent in the camps. Unfortunately, the campsites remind you of the wilderness in the jungle, which is surrounded by dusk and infested mosquitoes. I only managed two nights at the Bahia Honda SP. In winter, however, the temperature is more pleasant and mosquitoes disappear. For valuable information, visit the State Park Web site . Prices per night are different, but they usually range from $ 25-40, including a vehicle entrance fee.


Instead of the campsite, I finally found ourselves the best place to stay in motels, where you can get a discount on the brochures that are on each landing. The rooms are air-conditioned, providing comfortable comfort and basic amenities. The price for accommodation in motels is usually around 50-60 USD per night. You can find motels in both the cities and the city. We can recommend the motels 8 Inn, Days Inn and Americas Best Value Inn.


In addition to camps and motels, it is of course possible to accommodate the comfort of hotels in the cities. Prices are higher, but you will get comfort in the more equipped rooms, the hotel pool, refreshments in the bar or the terrace overlooking the ocean. The best hotel I had to use was La Quinta Inn. Prices in hotels vary according to their level and the city where they are located. You can leave 70 USD per night as well as 150 USD.

Transportation to Florida

In the US, it’s right and there’s too much traffic to see. We just surprised the possibility of going to red if you turn right and left nothing. It is also worth mentioning that if you arrive at a crossroads without lights, it is usually preferable to the one who arrives first or the first to act for the act. Occasionally, a comic situation arises when a car stands on each side, and his driver smiles on his lips as he goes. Generally speaking, the Floridians are quiet drivers.

It is not difficult to borrow a car in Florida. Car rentals at each airport there are several. I recommend renting a car in advance , which offers a comparison of prices at various rentals, and at the same time allows you to get discounts for choosing one of the preferred packages – for example, for young drivers under 25 years of age (where an extra charge is payable, which can double the total cost) . The problem is not even a shortage of cars from a reserved category – I booked a low-end car, but because they were not available, they gave me a mid-range car without any extras.

How to go to Florida

I was talking about the red ride when turning. Speed ​​limits are 80 miles per hour outside the village and 40 miles per hour in municipalities. Motorways are mostly unpaid, and if so, the fee is tolerable (from 50 cents to a few dollars). Sometimes you can pay for the entrance to a newly built bridge. Transportation is guarded by local police officers, but we rarely encountered a loser who would win a fine.

Florida boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA. Some of them may be a little busy from drifting plants or lined mangroves where mosquitoes grow, but overall they are clean, long, beautifully sandy and rich in shells. With every piece of Florida’s coast boasting some of the beaches, many of which have world-class awards, it’s not easy to decide which part of the sandy paradise to visit.

Shoe Story

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My life with a shoe

I have a little bit of a fight with my boots. We do not always come together as I wish.
I also decided to contribute a few short stories about what my shoes have experienced. Respectfully, better to say what I have survived with them. Quality boots will always come together and older, the more I can appreciate comfortable and quality shoes. Warning: This blog also contains several life lessons.

Something to begin with. First of all, I have one leg a little smaller than the other (yes, nature is sometimes blown away). That’s why in the shop I often solve the dilemma whether to buy size 38 or 39. With sneakers it can be solved with more number and inserts, but in boats and sandals you either choose a painful and bloody way (No.38) or you get in shoes , because you are (at least on the smaller leg) just big and are calling at the most inconvenient time (No. 39).

Well, since I’m a man who does not quite recognize today’s comfortable times, I try to ride everywhere in the car, but always have at least that kind of movement. And when you go a lot, you also need comfortable boots.

Often I come home from work, I finally call my boots and my friend is making a mess, what a relief, finally getting rid of them. On what he just drowns out of the couch tells that in such boots her legs must still hurt and she does not understand that I have not changed them for a long time. I love him, but sometimes I forget why.

After a few short sessions on the topic: Start buying quality shoes – understand something in the style of its really comfortable and cushioned.

But here we come to the next problem that women face in this world. Unlike men who can afford to wear to the city, hiking, evening on the storm and maybe work, we can not afford it. We do not allow some social events, an important meeting at work, a day when we dress up those pretty elegant dresses that just fit booties. Well then we suffer. Therefore, the male sex, let me say, can not even imagine how much relief for us women is suddenly the shoes of comfortable sneakers. And that’s why I would meet some new ones from the Footshop.

Let’s start a bit nostalgic. I still remember the day when I became the proud owner of my first (and also the last) vats . I was still in the nursery, but I wanted to be in. So we and my father went to the market where my beautiful attention was drawn to the beautiful red vases. My eyes flashed and the bladders formed a gentle draft. Just love at first glance. I just had to have them and when a woman thinks something … but then we all know how to complete this sentence correctly.
In my number, however, these shiny beauties no longer had only a smaller number. My memory immediately recovered the memoir of Cinderella and how its stepfathers fell, when their foot was not crushed into the cavity. Deserted and without a partner. Marked by this fairytale, I instantly put my feet in the little vases with a heavy heat. We seem to have the primes, but I was harshly saying that they are sitting like a hat. Well then, when he looked into my eyes (or maybe he just did not want to look like a bad father in the eyes of the vendor), it was decided. The lacquers have bought me, and I am home at the very first opportunity when I recognized the shoe that I would not last for them for five minutes. I have never had them bottled and I have never even received any other vases.You know it, go for a holiday and you want to take the best things and show yourself a little in the world. It’s okay if you choose a holiday tip ” Two weeks I’m down on the beach and occasionally dump around the city .” It’s okay if you prefer to pick up tours when you’re about 13 hours non-stop on your feet.One of them was slip-ons with a pleasantly lined inner and a resilient vulcanized sole so they were comfortable enough. Specifically, in these, I stood up to the crater of the Vesuvius volcano and crossed Pompey. Of course, after their rise from the crater, their original black color turned into gray. They enjoyed the trip and were completely absorbed by the volcanic ash line.
Pompey did not add them very much, but on the other hand they could be part of the whole beauty (you certainly will visit this magnificence too) and they quickly fell into the environment as they resembled the archeological excavations after a while. Bottom did not help the washing machine, they were forever gray. What’s more, the experience is something. Well, these are the boots that all the parties, summer festivals, and so on do without you. You, which morning after the action, whisper, while you are catching the nearest source of drinking water, you come across and look at your eyes. You think about what exactly the day before, because you had the feeling that it was just an innocent Friday night with your friends. Why then do your shoes look like you’ve marathon, played a soccer match, miles of waders and then you still have the chance to mess with them?Well, yes, such shoes would be able to talk … at least as much as they remember. Based on these stories, I’m probably going to pray for me to be spoiled in this competition, because my precious feet are asking new and comfortable boots. Those I have at home have already lived and deserve to leave for eternal peaceful and dignified rest.


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Most of us have in our warehouse preserved preserves, canned food or durable food. This food supply serves for moments of emergency or in a situation where we simply do not want to go to the store and cook with the style “what the house gives”. Did you know that some of the foods we store at home can survive you? Thanks to their long shelf life, they could eat their children for decades. Or the children of your children.

After 106 years people in Antarctica discovered a number of old artifacts – including a frozen fruit cake that allegedly belonged to the expedition of British polar bear, Robert Falcon Scott. The dish that was wrapped in a boxed box in the original Huntley and Palmers brand of sweet sweets was supposedly in good condition and apparently food. Such a cake, however, is not the only food that can be edible after decades.


In 2015, archaeologists reported that they found 3,000-year-old honey in the excavations in Egypt, which was perfectly edible. This resistance is due to the unique properties of honey – it has a low water content and a high sugar content, so it can not grow bacteria. Honey also contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide that prevents the growth of microbes.

It also helps to process honey because sugars in honey are hygroscopic and tend to suck in atmospheric water, which is not ideal. During processing and packaging, water is first removed during the heat treatment and the airtight lids will not allow it to get inside, which contributes to the durability of the honey. Although honey can be turbid and crystallized when it opens and the sugars are again pumping water, this physical change can be perverse when you heat the honey.

As with honey, it is the key to long processing and storage legumes. Drying beans, lentils and other legumes increases sugar concentration and reduces water content, making it difficult to grow bacteria and fungi. Also, all the enzymes that would naturally decompose the product after the harvest are decomposed by such processing. If the storage container is airtight, the legumes can last for years and will still be a great source of protein. But if it gets water or moisture inside it will last only a few months.

Soy sauce

Soy sauce should last for at least three years. The combination of salt and fermentation means that if it is unopened, it should have a very long shelf life. How long it lasts depends on the type of soy sauce and the temperature at which you store it after you open it. If it is ruined, it is likely that it will be caused by molds around the lid.

White rice

The durability of white rice confirmed a simple test. After 30 years of storage in cans without any problem, it passed through tasting. It seems that the key factors for rice durability are atmosphere and temperature. Studies show that low temperature (about 3 ° C) and oxygen deficiency have a major impact on the durability of rice. Brown rice, although often considered healthier, has a shorter shelf life. Its fibrous bran contains unsaturated fats that can spoil. So if your brown rice is greasy and smells like old color, it’s best to throw it away.

The durability of bitter chocolate is being debated. Adding milk to chocolate can reduce its shelf life. Dark chocolate seems to last longer, although it does not always look like fir. This may be because if it is not kept at a constant temperature, the fat can get out of it and create white flowers that look a bit like mold. However, if kept at a constant temperature, chocolate can last for two years or longer, with concentrations of compounds that sometimes bind to health in it throughout this time. For most people, however, chocolate does not have a long shelf life – because it is very early to eat.

Sugar and salt

Many foods that last for a long time have a high sugar and salt content. Simply put – these substances drain water, so if the bacteria try to grow, they will die again quickly. That’s why we use salt to dry meat and sugar to produce not only jams. Sugar and salt as foodstuffs in themselves, if they are in airtight packaging and moisture does not reach them, will last forever. Problems can be caused by additives such as iodine added to salt, which can reduce shelf life for approximately five years.

Of course, most food will not last. This is because they contain things that literally love microbes, such as different nutrients and water. it should be remembered that consumption data are generally used for safety reasons and that the minimum durability period really affects the quality of the product.

Women and Men Clothing

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Fashion trends are constantly changing, sometimes so quickly that they can not even be captured. To facilitate this issue, you can follow the trends that designers designate for the seasons: autumn – winter and spring – summer. Both in the case of women and men, it is worth having in the closet one piece of clothing, which is currently “on top” – after all, how they see you write so.

Completely different trends are found in men’s fashion while others are in women’s fashion. As a rule, designers are more extravagant when it comes to women’s clothing than men’s clothing. This does not mean, however, that trends in men’s fashion are currently boring, on the contrary! About what trends currently apply in women’s fashion, and what trends you find in men below.

The latest trends in women’s fashion

Creating the latest trends, the designers were inspired by the men’s pajamas. In turn, the cut of a nightgown was used in designs of oversize dresses. Nightwear gave the basis of very fashionable patterns of overalls and rompers. It is this type of oversize projects worth having in your closet. Spacious, asymmetrical shirts play the role of extremely fashionable summer dresses. If the shirt dresses do not fit the figure, you can choose a light and airy dress in the form of a petticoat, which was promoted by Calvin Klein.

The retro style has returned to favor, in its eclectic edition. The vintage style is very trendy, so you can easily get it from your grandmother’s wardrobes. Mixing styles and motifs from different cultures with each other is extremely trendy. You can successfully mix different pieces of clothing in a variety of styles, sticking to just one rule, it has to be retro!

Latin American style
Dresses with flounces, voluminous skirts, floral prints, bare shoulders, all this must have season! The wardrobe should not lack strong, saturated colors, such as: orange, bloody red, or sunny yellow. Designers want to take everyone to hot Argentina for a fiery tango. This style will emphasize feminine charms and cover up possible defects in the figure.

Currently, a very fashionable tendency is to combine materials with different structures on a heavy-light basis. For example, you can combine a lace dress with a heavy, leather ramones. Very trendy is also mixing sports style with hippie (for example, sports shoes in combination with a light floral dress).

A chic flash
For some sequins, if the shimmering materials are kitschy, but not this season! The flash is currently very trendy, which has already captured clothing wholesalers, enriching its range with such models you can put on shimmering materials and metallic fabrics, with combined fur and lace. You can successfully combine shiny blouses with sequin skirts without fear of exaggeration.

Striped clothes
Two seasons dominated by sailor’s belts, currently also very fashionable. Strips in fashion have undergone transformation and can now be seen in various versions. Horizontal stripes in many different colors and vertical stripes that lengthen and slim the silhouette. Such a fashionable pattern is combined with a simple cut of clothes. Instead of a sailor’s combination of white and navy blue, colors such as emerald green and white, dirty roses combined with cool purple and indigo fuchsia are on the top today. Belts in very many scenes have a very important advantage, they color up even a very simple look and add extravagance, and to this they reign on the catwalks.

Body colors
You can not forget about the color of nude, because it is currently the most fashionable one. Flesh-colored blouses, skirts, coats, dresses and even pants. Wardrobe items in this color are also an ideal base for any styling. Such clothes are supposed to fuse with the body and be “invisible”, which is a new trend in fashion.

Round arms
The trendiest cut this season is one with clearly rounded arms. this shape of clothes enlarges the upper part of the figure, so clothes in this style should be worn with narrow pants, pencil skirts and shoes on the platform. For a long time on the streets and in online clothing stores, for example, bomber jackets, jackets and blouses with round arms dominate, as you can see their popularity is not coming to an end. Such fashion was popular in the 90s, he returned in a new version.

Inspirations with painting
Another trend in women’s fashion are materials in very rich, painterly patterns. This trend has been drawn from painting arts. Creatives that are covered with an abstract print or geometric pattern are very popular. Just like batik mimics, made using the DIY method. It is worth investing in a model with this design because it looks very chic. Such an item of clothing can be worn both with more subdued things and in combination with other designs.

Romantic trend
The last, current trend in women’s fashion is the romantic style. Delicate, ethereal materials in pastel colors, lace, and even attached feathers are currently trendy. This style also includes the popular print in so-called “links”. This style is called “New Romantic”. In the wardrobe, there should be things like that that can easily be combined with heavier materials.

Now Coming on to MEN’s clothing

The latest trends in men’s fashion

The well-known safari trend returns to favor. Just buy a classic jacket with a belt and four pockets. The safari trend does not have a limited range of colors, but the most fashionable ones are warm brown and green. Complementing the extremely fashionable safari jacket will be pants made of light material. This style is a hit this season, but it certainly will not change in the future.

As in the case of women’s fashion, an indispensable hit of this season in men’s fashion is a bomber jacket. This fashion is best purchased in a solid color and worn with lighter styling elements. Completed with torn trousers or in a sports version will be the best and the most fashionable set.

The color that is currently the most trendy in men’s fashion is orange. If men dare to accent such a strong accent of their outfit, the perfect complement to it will be a white or brown background that will give the facade a whole. Orange can be a very fashionable escape from boredom in men’s fashion.

Different Types of Toys for Different Ages of Children

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Did you know that the spinning top is a toy that already existed in the year 4000 BC? We may think it was a toy used by our grandparents, however, it is a traditional toy that has evolved over the years but is still present in children’s games today.
This is the meaning of traditional toys, they never go out of fashion and, at best, update their materials to facilitate their manufacture or make them safer for our children.In the case of the spinning top, the Janod brand presents its modern version: Musical top of the farm with a suction cup at the bottom so that the little ones (from 18 months) can make it dance and see how the truck turns to the rhythm of music and movement.One of the main differences in children’s games is where they are used. Before the children played more time on the street, now they spend more time at home. Even so, children’s toys par excellence have not changed so much, and if not, look at these traditional toys, ¿with what did your parents play when they were small?

The classic toys par excellence
Many of our parents’ games and even before, had been recycled and many toys that were traditionally children or girls are currently suitable for both sexes. They are toys that promote symbolic play and represent everyday actions that children imitate.
This is the case of toy strollers, the stellar toy of schools for younger children, where both children and children spend hours playing with them . Another of the classic toys that were traditionally for children, is the game of marbles. A bag full of marbles could entertain the children all afternoon, make circuits in the streets, put ramps on the sidewalks … today we have the improved version of the traditional game of balls for baby rolling balls , in this case for children starting from 9 months, with very large pieces to avoid suffocation.Some of the most recent, but which also has a lot of history, is the typical Rubik’s cube that was invented in the 70s and was very successful.So little by little, tastes change and toys evolve in their materials and strategies. However, traditional toys are still very fashionable and trendy. If you are looking for an educational and long lasting gift, with these toys they will be a success!

Lately the word STEM is heard everywhere. But what exactly are STEM toys ? STEM toys are based on the teaching of 4 specific disciplines from an interdisciplinary point of view: science, technology, engineering and mathematics in English, from whose name the name comes. The STEM method proposes to integrate these 4 disciplines instead of teaching them separately, based on real applications.
One of the objectives of STEM games is to prepare the little ones for the professions of the future, such as robotics, computer science or the natural sciences. The STEM toys you’ll find in will reinforce cognitive development, improve mathematical skills, stimulate problem solving, help communicate and improve hand-to-eye motion and coordination, while also encouraging group play, language development and creativity thanks to the construction of models. All without ever stopping to have fun.

In many homes with children, trains are one of the main toys. Although they were the emblem of past generations and their models became collectibles, at the beginning of the 2000s we read the news that was once again in fashion : the children still asked for a train. The impact of films like The Polar Express or the Harry Potter saga contributed to this new boom.

That the trains flood the houses with children again is great news! Not only because they are beautiful, but also because playing with them helps the little ones to develop motor skills, collect objects and move them. And they are ideal for the practice of symbolic play
Depending on the space available at home, the age of the child and his preferences when playing there are many different train options . Perhaps one of the best known is the toy train circuits, which include not only the vehicles, but also the tracks, level crossings, bridges, tunnels …

What to buy for little infants
Infants must sleep in a quiet and cozy environment, with mild temperatures and no noise, in a comfortable and comfortable bed, and a significant object, such as a pacifier, a blanket, a diaper or a soft toy. These transitional objects are very important for the child, as they represent the parents in their absence and help them to face separation. Often, it is the little ones who choose the soft toys and it is essential to help them choose the best ones for such a tender age. For this reason, we want to help you.

The plush baby should have little hair, as they are constantly placed in the mouth. In size, they should not be too large so they are easy to grab and not scare children. In addition, children like that stuffed bears are soft, pleasant to the touch, and good for sucking or biting and, if they smell like parents, they will become their favorite toy.

Among the best soft plush options for newborns, we find the Kaloo Blue small bunny rabbit 18cm charming , with long ears, soft and tender, a visual and tactile pleasure for the little ones. Among the best soft plush options for newborns, There are plush toys that have a very important element: music. Music helps children relax and plays a very important role in their development. In this case, we chose the Happy Horse musical plush goose , because we believe that besides being very soft and pleasant, has all the characteristics to become inseparable from your child!


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The growth of companies is irrevocably linked to the cost reduction. Even if office supplies (stationery, computers, printers, fax machines, copying machines and associated accessories and so on) may appear as the last item on the agenda where savings can be realized, in reality, however, it has the potential to reduce overhead costs substantially. Today, companies do take and track office supplies seriously. Here are some helpful tips for saving on office supplies costs.

Many stationery and office supplies offer “reward points” – every time you make purchases with them, you are held to these points which can then be exchanged for provisions. Online shopping, increased costs has additional benefits such as discounts and balances. This is because online stores have a minimum overhead and they usually spend their own savings on their customers. And the shipping costs are also mostly waived especially for purchases exceeding a certain amount.

You can also do a thorough search on the net for the “best price” options. By comparing a few transactions, you should be able to find the perfect store to meet your needs by giving you the highest quality products at the most competitive rates. Although there are many stores that claim to be rolling office supplies for its particularly low prices, you’d do well to make sure that they sell good brand quality stuff. There are some offers going on all the time as with some buying freebies; you can pick them up and use them to your advantage. For example, when you buy 50 notebooks you could get 50 free pens. You may also be eligible for some special discounts if you fall into a specific occupational category. For example, if you are an NGO, then you are exempt from paying the sales tax. Start saving today by reducing costs on your office supplies.

The idea is simple:

1 – Instead of buying simple desk pens and another day buying pens with the company logo for advertising use: both group the office supply order with advertising supplies. A larger quantity to buy so a smaller price. And all for a more fun product!

2 – And as much to choose green pens based on recycled plastic, better spirit for the planet and better image for customers …

3 – Economics Ecology Duplication: Office and Marketing

If the choice of your office space is not trivial, that of furniture and supplies is even less. Because it determines the atmosphere you want to have in your company and directly reflects the personality of it. Indeed, the purchase of furniture and office supplies raises a number of questions: where to buy them? Which ones to choose? And the value for money? That is the reason for these few lines that give you the keys to a successful purchase.

Whether you make your purchase online or directly in a store, there are a number of criteria on which you must be uncompromising. Because apart from the price, the added values ??that make all the difference are not to be neglected. So you have to keep an eye on delivery time and costs. Some suppliers take longer than others or just do not meet the delivery deadline. To decide on this point, you can trust the advice of those who had to order before you. When looking at the delivery costs, make sure that the transport is done in the best conditions to avoid any unpleasant surprise.

By making a comparison of furniture and office supplies, it is important to take a look as well on the proposed payment methods and payment terms. Some providers offer the option to pay in three installments at no cost. They could be at the top of your list of potential suppliers. But the mode of payment aspect is also important: check, transfer, credit card, PayPal. A supplier that accepts all these modes offers you the opportunity to make your purchases without too much head.

But the most important thing is the quality of the product you buy. The furniture costs are not really given, it is important to bet on the quality not to have to make big expenses in a short time.

A company with many employees always needs equipment dedicated to its activity. That’s why the online sales site Direct-Supplies offers users office supplies for business. It is about bureaucratic material of optimal quality with a big choice among the ranges and especially, a selection of specialized brands . Business office supplies are essential to the smooth running of the business and it is essential for any company to have equipment adapted to its activity. Few online website also offers secure online payment guaranteed in 4 times without fees.

The term office supplies in the broad sense includes all the equipment necessary to operate the administrative part of a company but also the office equipment of the employees. It ranges from pens, reams of paper, diaries, and shredder. This may seem trivial, but it is important to choose the right supplies for your business so you do not have to pay extra costs and work in good conditions. For example to choose your pens, you will ask if you need the ink is erasable or not, what is the use, if the color is important, etc … To choose ink pads for example, you go ask yourself if color is important, if you need a date stamp, several types of buffers, etc …

In the same way, to choose office furniture, you must know the use that is made of it. For example, for a very sedentary job, it is important to choose ergonomic office chairs that adapt to each morphology to prevent possible back or posture problems. To create storage space in an office space, one must ask if closed storage is needed, assess the space available to ensure that traffic is always possible and fluid. To choose a printer, you need to determine the needs in terms of print format, the necessary cartridges, connectivity, etc.

To choose the right supplies, the key is to take the time to determine your needs to know the use of each and choose the appropriate equipment.

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